NATGAT3 RESOURCES – Mark Taylor-Canfield Interview on Revolution Radio

Jeff Santos Show – Mark Taylor-Canfield on #NatGat2014 Pt.1 – 7-31-14 by Revolution Radio Network via #soundcloud

Jeff: You were out there today with our friends with the Occupy Wall Street movement, still alive, going strong; they’re holding their annual gathering in Sacramento, California from today until Aug… What’s the latest with Occupy Wall Street, so vitally important on the issue of economic inequality and what has happened with wall street. It’s great to see them meeting again. What’s the latest?

Mark: There is an Occupy National Gathering as we speak in Sacramento California…. it’s another attempt by the folks involved with this movement to prove once again that the Occupy Wall Street movement is relevant to what’s happening in the country, and it’s still alive and that there are still people all across the country working on some very important issues; like stopping home foreclosures, eliminating student debt; there’s going to be people at this conference from the Move to Amend campaign, from Code Pink. There’s all sorts of workshops on all sorts of different interesting issues; some political street theatre, a film series, workshops on Native American Sovereignty, even a workshop on Jesus as a Radical Economic Activist. So, very interesting group of people gathering in Sacramento this year to push forward this movement which has not gone away.


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