NatGat3 Resource: Occupy Court Cases Come Out On The Side Of Justice

Occupy Court cases come out on the side of justice. Thanks to all the plaintiffs who gave up their time and treasure to fight for your civil rights

Atlanta GA occupy-protesters-back-in-court-joined-by-state-senator

Philadelphia PA Major-Occupy-Court-Victory

Berkeley CA bamn-occupy-cal-protesters-win-legal-victory-uc-berkeley-administrators-stay-in-lawsuit

Nashville TN judge-says-state-officials-violated-occupy-protesters-rights

Washington DC under-the-radar/2013, court-wont-dismiss-occupy-dc-case

Gov’t pays out thousands for Occupy Everywhere T-shirt case Washington DC

Alabama Civil Rights perspective
The treatment of the Occupy Movements in the Courts demonstrates the dilemma for overnight sleeping demonstrations. The activity is clearly enlaced with symbolic meaning. The overnight presence of protestors gives an effective symbol for a continuous occupation. The Courts have recognized this symbolic speech, and yet have upheld many of the bans designed to make it much more difficult, by upholding bans on the use of tents, electricity or even fully banning the overnight occupation. In many cases this was done in reliance on the Supreme Court’s Clarkdecision. For all its success in shaping the public dialogue on wealth equality, the Occupy Movement did less in moving forward the First Amendment right to symbolic speech involving overnight sleep in public areas

South Carolina
Court: Gov. Nikki Haley, SC officials can be sued for Occupy arrests

New York Albany –
Occupy Albany case headed to New York’s highest court
Robert Gavin, Law Beat | June 17, 2014

The Occupy Ruling in Boise Idaho capitol park was in Federal Court so would apply to our gathering in the CA state capitol as well.

We demand no wrongful arrests
and no senseless violence against peaceful protesters that could cost precious lives and livelihoods and millions of dollars in damages

United Nations Human Rights Council wrote a strongly worded letter to “Her Excellency” Clinton and the DoJ December 21, 2011
The Department of Justice still hasn’t answered.

Since 2011, there have been lots of studies and reports

We were right We ARE right!

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