NatGat3 Housing Tools

As the Occupy National Gathering 2014 approaches, the organizing team is striving to facilitate the anticipated surge of occupiers to Sacramento July 30 – Aug 4 by offering self organizing, community-based #mutualaid tools, and coordinating offers and needs.

Got an empty couch, studio corner, basement, backyard or even a free bedroom? Let us know!

There’s two ways to let us know if you can host participants, how many people volunteers would like to host, how long they can stay, and what kind of guests they can host (handicapped accessible. pet-friendly, children, etc.).

Request or offer housing publicly or privately on our community exchange!

or send us your info and we’ll do our best to match up folks offering with folks who need housing:
Click Organize/Provide Housing and tell us what you need here: Specific Interests, affiliation or things you would like us to know.

These forms and more can be found on our NatGat2014 hub

If you can’t host anyone, but would like to help, please consider making a monetary contribution to the general fund or caravans.

See You In Sac!

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