#myoccupy Beginning the Sharing from the Heart Circle

Beginning the Sharing from the Heart Circle
by Laurie Funaroff, Occupy Sacramento

After the reading of the original consensed principles of Occupy Wall Street, the circle stayed in place somewhat, but then was about to dissipate.

I felt the energy dynamics of the group, and knew that if I didn’t announce the Sharing from the Heart Circle at that moment, it wouldn’t happen.

I knew that Sergei wasn’t going to do the circle unless he felt the energy from the group to do it.

When I felt the energy of the moment
the group about to start dispersing
When I felt the precious opportunity of having a healing circle
which is what the Sharing from the Heart Circle felt like to me
When I felt the precious opportunity of having a healing circle about to

I felt called to action
and I felt the absolute need to take action myself
Waiting for someone else to do it
to announce the healing circle,
was not an option
I keenly and deeply felt this as my responsibility, and I took it

I felt my positive healing power
And I acted . . . from the heart of caring
for the Occupy community
for the 99%

There were times in my life when I let one blocking thought or another stop me from saying what I felt needed to be said. Not anymore. Not when I begin by speaking from the heart.

This was a profound, life transforming experience. I am becoming the healing leader I want to see in the world.

I have discovered
I have experienced
the next step
along the path
toward being
creating and manifesting
more and more
healing leaders
for our communities
& for our world.

So what was it I did at this defining moment?!

I did a mic check announcing the Sharing from the Heart Circle
to be beginning right then and there.

I tapped Sergei, very low key
Then Sea, using a tip learned from Sergei in recent memory
Called for 2 minutes of silence to transform to more connected healing energy.

And each one listened completely, attentively
As each one shared from the heart
What a beautiful sight to hear

So how did I know that Sergei wanted to do a Sharing from the Heart Circle?

I ask this question, since if I did not know, I would not have identified the potential for positive transformation in the moment I described.
My knowing began in a tiny workshop I offered for new speakers, to experience speaking from the heart. Partners would each share their story of what got them to Occupy for the first time, and what got them to stay. They would then practice speaking, as if at a rally.
But there was no rally. There were only three of us in this tiny workshop.

One of us, and I thank this person immensely, began sharing PROFOUNDLY from the heart. This created an opening for Sergei to tell us . . . He wanted to do a circle the next day at 2 PM. He wanted to do a circle, Sharing from the Heart. I am so glad I, we, created a safe space way beyond my imagination.

The courage of one person to be vulnerable led me to act in the moment that made Sergei’s wish possible.

May we remember our courage to heal.

My Profound Experience as I Called a Mic Check to Begin the Sharing from the Heart Circle

Just as I discovered I could identify
the potential for positive transformation
in a specific moment
Just as I discovered my ability to take action and be
the healing leader
I want to see

We can all rejoice
as we strive to create
safe space
for our vulnerabilities

Just as I discover
as I identify
the potential for healing
in a specific moment

You may discover
you may identify
the thoughts that block
your power to heal

We all have this
healing power
within us
Within the 99%

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