What is the National Gathering?
Occupy National Gathering is a yearly gathering of Occupiers, supporters and coalition groups. Occupy’s third national gathering, NatGat 2014 or NatGat3, will take place July 31 – August 3 in Sacramento, CA. Four days of teach-ins, skillshares, workshops, open spaces and actions.

When is the National Gathering happening?
July 31 – Aug 3, 2014

Where is the National Gathering happening?
Sacramento, California

Main Venues
Wed., July 30, Anti-Racism Training for Collective Liberation, Sacramento Area Peace Action, 909 12th St., 11:00 am – 5:30 pm
Thu., July 31, State Capitol Park, North Side
Fri., August 1, State Capitol Park, West Side
Sat., August 2, tbd – come see SF Mime Troupe, 3 PM Southside Park, 8th Street side between T and W Streets
Sun., August 3, State Capitol Park, North Side

How can I Contribute?

Donate Money to General Fund, Caravans and projects.
Donate Supplies
Donate Time/Volunteer

How Do I Join in the Planning Process,?
Join Working Groups:
Organizing the event
subscribe to our e-mail lists
attend one of our weekly planning calls
or join our discussions on loomio, a discussion and decision making platform developed by Occupy New Zealanders.
During the event
Help Plan Online Component

On the ground at NatGat3
ahead of time: Sign up to Volunteer or schedule an activity!
Volunteer form
or Email: natgat2014@interoccupy.net
during the event:
Cel.ly Text @natgat2014 to 23559 to join the loop!
National Gathering @NatGat2014
Occupy #NatGat @NatGat2014

How can I get there?
NY to CA Caravan
Southern CA Caravan
Pacific NW Caravan
Southeast Caravan Has Arrived


Where do I stay?
Folks are looking hard to find safe secure camping, backyard and other spaces. As of 7-27, no group sleeping place has been found!
Meanwhile, check out the self organizing, community-based #mutualaid tools, coordinating offers and needs..
Add Offers or Requests for sleeping arrangements on community exchange, ONG Sharetribe
or send us your info and we’ll do our best to match up folks offering with folks who need housing: Click Organize/Provide Housing and tell us what you need here: Specific Interests, affiliation or things you would like us to know.

Occupiers have been known to form spontaneous sleepful protests, with no blockading the foot traffic or entrance ways and having no sleeping bags or pillows. Please check local ordinances. Check the Cel.ly loop!

also commercial:
KOA campgrounds Info 916-371-6771
Folsom Lake campgrounds
Sacramento Youth Hostel (916) 443-1691

Econo Lodge 711 16th St (916) 443-6631
Motel 6 1415 30th St (916) 457-0777
Vagabond Inn 909 3rd St 916-446-1481
Holiday Inn 300 J Street 916-446-0100
Inn Off Capitol Park 1530 N St 916-447-8100
Best Western 1100 H Street 916 441 1314
Delta King 1000 Front St 800-825-5464

The lot on 17th between J and K streets is $2.00 after 4:00 pm and on weekends. A half mile from the Capitol but cheap.

Early bird parking at the lot on 7th Street between J and K is $8.00 if you get there before 10:00 and leave after 4:30 pm. Then you can move your car to the other lot. Also a half mile from the Capitol the other direction.

There is parking around the State Capitol. The meter maids/men are everywhere, so make sure, if you park on the street, you park only the allotted time. You can’t even feed the meter (somehow they register your license plate, and you get a ticket for doing this), but you can move your car.

Vehicles must be moved by 6:00 am. And apparently the “early bird” specials at the city lots are only good Monday through Friday.

Cars need to be moved onto the street, but be sure to move them back to a lot every morning before 8am.

Health and Safety
Escape the Heat:
State Capitol building is air conditioned and open to the public
Public Swimming pools:

Q. What’s on the Menu? (Some people have allergies or sensitivities.)
Food will be prepared by volunteers with donated supplies. Every attempt will be made to accommodation special diets, however, we strongly recommend folks with medical dietary needs bring their own provisions. Please check in with INFO tent for updates.

Q. Is there wifi?
There will be hotspots at the Info, Media and Kitchen areas – we have a floater! Check with Info on ground for up to the minute availability.

Q. We are bringing dogs. Is that ok?********
We welcome dogs at Natgat, in fact we rarely have a GA in Sacramento without one or two dogs present. However, be aware that temperatures will likely be in the 90’s and possible the low 100’s. Most of our activities take place outside, so if you want to bring your dog, please be sure s/he can tolerate prolonged heat.