An Aussie’s Reflections on Occupy NATGAT 2014 and Where To From Here

You have not relinquished your authentic humanity to the dominant paradigm of greed and selfishness. Rather, as abundantly clear at NATGAT 2014, the outstanding and unifying quality of this movement is that its champions CARE : we actually CARE – about everyone and everything. #Occupiers CARE about the world and the Quality of Life that we will bequeath to future generations. Echoing the words of Leonard Peltier, ’I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul’ Continue reading

The 2014 Occupy National Gathering Endorses A Month [October] Of Non-violent Resistance Against Mass Incarceration

The 2014 Occupy National Gathering endorses a month [October] of non-violent resistance against mass incarceration.
Occupy has distinguished itself as being one of the great moments in recent history of the United States when people came together from all walks of life, different races, different creeds, different political positions and all came together around something that was absolutely urgent and necessary. Continue reading

Voice to the Voiceless Solidarity Declaration

We, a diverse group of people brought together by the spirit of resistance, recognize that the time has come for brave, cooperative action to throw off the chains of our current broken and outdated political and economic institutions. We, the 99%, hold that all life on earth is inter-connected and endowed with certain natural rights which cannot be granted or permitted by any coercive institution. Continue reading