Call for Participation in All Forms!

Call for participation in all forms!

Occupy Artists, Livestream Videographers, Photographers, and even Marching Bands!
Interested in hosting a session?

For any and all of these ways, or more, contact, or tell us how you want to join in on the Volunteer form!


Occupy National Gathering – NatGat3
July 31 thru Aug 3, 2014
Sacramento, CA

Contact Us:
Twitter – Occupy #NatGat – @NatGat2014
Facebook Event

Join the planning effort: Subscribe to e-mail lists, Facebook Planning Group or register for the next conference call.

Caravans: I-80, SOCAL, I-5
Caravan & Rideshares Subgroup on Loomio

Please Share! Share requests or offers for goods, services, rides, housing and spaces #Mutualaid

Please Donate! Monetary contributions will assist with food, water, sanitation, transportation, media and other support services.

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