In Sacramento – Occupy National Gathering
As of 7/27 NO free group camping places have been located; Please check with folks on the ground for updates. Check FAQ or Map for alternatives

Occupy National Gathering 2014 – NatGat 2014

It’s Time to Gather and Make Our Voices Heard!

Occupy National Gathering is a yearly gathering of Occupiers, supporters and coalition groups. Occupy’s third national gathering, NatGat2014 or NatGat3, will take place July 31 – August 3 in Sacramento, CA — for 4 days of teach-ins, skillshares, workshops, open spaces and actions.

Each year a collective of occupiers forms to support the host city and participate in planning and organizing the gathering, working in autonomous subgroups and projects and coming together for reportbacks and planning as the national gathering working group, or NGWG. The NGWG2014 comprises Occupy Sacramento on the ground, and Occupiers and allies from far and wide online, hopefully soon to include you!

The working groups (about 100 occupiers so far) are busy laying the tracks, and need Occupy to drive the train and bring it home. Let us know what Occupy would like to see and bring to the Occupy National Gathering!

In addition to planning the event on the ground, a few special projects are underway that can use your energy and participation:
an online component through which people can participate
anti-racism training

Occupy National Gathering or Bust!
Caravans are self-organized groups travelling to natgat and coordinating to meet up with other Occupiers along the way.

Keep up on Caravan organizing on these facebook events:
NY to CA Caravan
Southern CA Caravan
I-5/Cascadia Caravan for #NatGat2014

Together We Rise!

Find us:
Contact: natgat2014@interoccupy.net
NATGAT2014 Hub
Twitter @NATGAT2014 #Natgat2014
ONG Rebelmouse
Occupy National Gathering Facebook Page

Plug into Planning and Organizing:
Attend our Planning and Working Group Calls
Join Working Group Mailing Lists
Volunteer/Offer an Activty
Loomio – ONG Organizing Group
ONG 2014 Group on Commons
NatGat3 Facebook Planning Group

Occupy National gathering or Bust!