NG2 KZOO NEWS 7-30-13

Less than one month until the OWS (Inter)National Gathering: decolonize the 99%!
This week, the NatGat planning WG has been hard at work to help people find rides and housing. Join our Travel to NatGat2 in Kzoo Call tomorrow night, and each Wednesday until NatGat2 @ 7 PM ET. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE FOR THE Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: decolonize the 99%

Our convergence will begin on Aug. 21 and continue for five days of Community and Movement building exercises, and free-flowing open discussions. Occupy LIght Brigade is planning something special for us, and Turtle Soup Kitchen of the Rainbow Family of Living Light will be feeding the people and being the peace in Kalamazoo—we expect Rainbows from other tribes as well. Continue reading

Ng2Kzoo News 5-13-13

Ng2Kzoo News 5-13-13

The NGWG2013 encourages you to get involved in NatGat2 planning. Lots of plans underway. Help plan the gathering in Kalamazoo or a solidarity event locally to coincide with. the convergences, or invite stops along the Summer Tour of change, as we build from local actions to regional, national and global convergence. Continue reading

Next VIA22 Global Assembly of VIA22, to encourage a long term dialogue between social movements, people involved with the civil society, and all those who want to work for the respect of the integrity of human being and the earth.
There will be information presented by the Occupy National Gathering Work Group. NatGat2 will have a global focus!
Also, we will give information about how to participate from your hometown to the World Social Forum, happening in Tunisia (from march 26th to the 30th).
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