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NatGat2 Audio Media
Occupy the Airwaves, Aug. 11 – ONG interview with Liz Myers, Air Occupy and Rick Todd

Air Occupy Interview with NatGat organizers Chris and Jackie

Occupy Movement Still Surviving, To Hold Gathering – article

Occupy NatGat2….12 days and counting… article

NatGat2 Videos

Check out the venue, The Lamplighter Inn! Plenty of space to camp, park and gather for activities. NB: The Lamplighter Inn was cancelled due to Township authorities emerging the last week and threatening the owners’ liquor license should he allow the gathering to take place.

Occupy National Gathering MTC Report #3

Journalist Mark Taylor-Canfield was a guest on the Jeff Santos Show broadcast nationally out of Boston. This is Mark’s third guest appearance. He reports on the current state of the Occupy movement and the national gathering in Kalamazoo, Michigan planned for Aug 21-25th. Topics: Occupy Sandy storm relief efforts, protests against genetically modified food & seeds, arrests of 20 Occupy Toronto activists, efforts to stop home foreclosures, student debt, free Occupy medical services, etc.

Surveillance of Seattle Environmentalists – Mark Taylor-Canfield on Mike Malloy Show

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2013 Proposal of Endorsement
InterOccupy Hub

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National Gathering Admin Group – NB: This is a closed group that you must request to join
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Press Releases

NATGAT2 June 6, 2013
ONG July 11, 2013

NatGat2 Print Media

Addicting Info: Fighting Fossil Fuel In Michigan; Why Chris Wahmhoff Spent His Birthday Inside An Enbridge Pipeline Part 1
Addicting Info: Fighting Fossil Fuel In Michigan: Part 2, Inside The Pipeline
Truth Out: Decolonizing the 99% Come August


Quick guide on group dynamics in people’s assemblies

POC/Indigenous Resources

Please take the time to read, watch, understand and educate yourself about the concerns facing people of color and indigenous peoples. Come to NatGat2 and the planning of NatGat2.

Two Row Campaign and Syracuse Cultural Workers poster. See Allyship & Solidarity Guidelines for more info.


Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome


Dr. Lynn Gehl on Ally responsibility, Community Citizenship, Treaties and Indigenous Knowledge

Two Headed Serpent Prophecy


Whiteness and the 99%
Why People of Color burn out in anti-racist organizing
Lessons that an ally learns
Colonialism 101: The Several Faces of Colonialism
Unlikely Alliances
The poor people’s plate: Poverty, race, GMOs and our food
Allyship & Solidarity Guidelines – Decolonization in Theory & Practice
White Privilege Shapes the U.S.
Checklist of Characteristics of Active Anti-Racist Ally Behavior
Take this Imaginary Journey into White American Culture
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
8 Ways Not To Be An “Ally”: A Non-Comprehensive List
How To be Allies Poster (Small)

#Occupy Resources

Robin Hood – #Occupy The Chicago Free Web Zone


This is Not Animal Farm – #Occupy The Chicago Free Web Zone


Race Relations – #Occupy The Chicago Free Web Zone


An Alternative to the Judicial System – #Occupy The Chicago Free Web Zone

Vision Documents

Vision Handout #1 for S17 Final
Vision Handout #2 for S17 Final
October 29, 2012 Vision Draft
Occupy Nashville Visioning Statement