Air Occupy
Occupy Antwerp
Occupy Aspen
Occupy Atlanta
Occupy Baton Rouge
Occupy Bellingham, Wa
Occupy Bergen County
Occupy Boston
Occupy Bradenton
Occupy Buffalo
Occupy Campbell County KY
Occupy Chicago
Occupy Concord
Occupy Dallas
Occupy Denver
Occupy Detroit
Occupy Dover DE
Occupy Duluth
Occupy Disabled
Occupy Enbridge
Occupy the Environment
Occupy Erie
Occupy Everett
Occupy Falmouth
Occupy Gainesville FL
Occupy Global Media (GOM)
Occupy Grand Rapids MI
Occupy Frederick
Occupy Fresno
Occupy Hilo
Occupy Homes
Occupy Index WA
Occupy Love
Occupy Minnesota
Occupy Muskegon
Occupy Naperville
Occupy New Hampshire
Occupy New Orleans LA
Occupy Ohio Cozhocton
Occupy Norristown
Occupy Petaluma
Occupy Pittsburgh
Occupy Portland, ME
Occupy Portland, OR
Radio Occupy
Occupy Raleigh NC
Occupy Red Bluff / Tehama County CA
Occupy the Roads
Occupy Rogers Park-Chicago
Occupy Royal Oak
Occupy St. Paul
Occupy Sandy NJ
Occupy Sandy NYC
Occupy Santa Fe NM
Occupy Santa Barbara
Occupy Sarasota
Occupy Southern Indiana
Occupy Staten Island
Strike Debt
Occupy Together Falmouth, MA
Occupy Traverse City
Occupy Tuscon
Occupy National Gathering Vision Group
Occupy Vancouver Environment Justice
Occupy Wall Street – Labor Outreach Committee
Occupy Wall Street – OccuEvolve
Occupy WNC
Women Occupy
Occupy Yoga NYC

Fresno Light Brigade
Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
Via 22

Alliance for Global Justice
The A9 Network
Battle Creek Oil Spill
Bill Moyer and the Back Bone Campaign
Code Black
Dept. of Peace
Earth First
Food and Water Watch
Global Revolution Media
Julia Trigg Crawford
Kalamazoo City of Compassion
Kalamazoo Non-Violent Opponents of War (KNOW)
Keith McHenry, Food Not Bombs co-founder
Louisiana Shrimp Alliance
March against Drones
The Media Consortium
Michigan Ban Fracking
Michigan Home Defense
Michigan Tar Sands
Move To Amend Coalition/David Cobb
Mutual Aid Dcats
National Homeless Coalition
National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP)
New York Against Fracking
Dr. Ricki Ott
People United for Sustainable Housing (P.U.S.H Kalamazoo)
The Poor Peoples Campaign
Public Citizen Global Trade Watch: Stop the TransPacific Partnership
Road to USSF 3
Shut Down Palisades
Shout Out MI
Street School Collective VT
Treasure Coast Progressive Alliance
Unfuck The World, Featuring the Summer Support/Love Takeover Tour
United States Social Forum
Wesleyan Peace Center