NatGat2 Debrief Links and New NatGat2 Documentation Group Forming

A group is forming to help put together documentation, planning logistics, what worked, didn’t work, essays, thoughts and more about NatGat2 to pass along to the next organizers. You don’t have to have been on the planning team to join and help with this project. It’s an opportunity to use skills, teach skills or learn skills in the planning of an Occupy or grassroots event. Subscribe to list and join project here.
Other ways to help:
Submit reportbacks, essays, musings, critical analysis, etc. to the group list, main list or to or
Add media to the NatGat2013 Archives page on facebook.

Debrief and Planning links:

for debrief:

Debrief Workpad

Debrief Call Agenda 9-4-13

Reportback from Chas

NatGat 2013: People’s Kitchen Report

for historical context:
NGWG Call: Debrief and Visioning Next Steps 7-17-12

planning notes and agendas:
NatGat2 Planning Call @ 8 PM ET Wednesdays 1-16 to 8-14, 2013

NatGat2 Planning Call @ Noon ET Mondays 7-1 to 8-19, 2013

Identifiable-Next-Steps-List-Form June 17

Identifiable Next Steps-and-Everything you can think of June 17

and many many more on:

NATGAT 2013 doc dump

this is one main doc we will be working on making comprehensive.

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