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Decolonizing the 99% Come August

Check out the proposed Venue, The Lamplighter Inn! Plenty of space to camp, park and gather for activities.

Journalist Mark Taylor-Canfield was a guest on the Jeff Santos Show broadcast nationally out of Boston. This is Mark’s third guest appearance. He reports on the current state of the Occupy movement and the national gathering in Kalamazoo, Michigan planned for Aug 21-25th. Topics: Occupy Sandy storm relief efforts, protests against genetically modified food & seeds, arrests of 20 Occupy Toronto activists, efforts to stop home foreclosures, student debt, free Occupy medical services, etc.

If lack of funds is keeping you from coming to NatGat, consider setting up a wepay account. if your job is keeping you from coming, donate!

Great planning call today, with organizers from NY NJ PA MI and Canada. We discussed the international convergences, the venue, food and outreach.
You can read the minutes of our calls here:


Register for Planning Calls Mondays at Noon ET and Wednesdays @ 8 PM ET:

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