Invitation to Participate in Planning the Global Conversation and Convergence during the Occupy (Inter)National Gathering 22 August 2013


The National Gathering Working Group 2013 invites you to participate in planning what the Global Conversation and Convergence during the Occupy (Inter)National Gathering will look like.

The vision so far:

The focus of NatGat2 is Local–>>Global. Much like the focus of Via22 and many other groups, we wish to give space and support to the needs and work of local communities, and bring them to the larger global community. Most of the problems each of us fights at home are the result of the same global forces effecting us all. The environment, economy, government repression, indigenous rights, human rights…

More detailed information available in our Press Release of June 6, on the website and the InterOccupy Hub.

What you can do:

Help develop this into an event that will serve the needs of the international community, building on networks already working towards transnational connectivity.
Continue to promote each others events and initiatives.
Collaborate in collective planning process.

There are several ways to get in contact and join in the planning:

Join the Global Conversation email list:

Join the NatGat2 Planning Call @ 8 PM ET Wednesdays or NOON ET Mondays
These are high quality sound, facilitated with polling options, ability to take stack, etc.
You can call in free using google voice or this Maestro online access:

Join the Via22 mumble meetings 22 June, July 22
Via22 Room

more Via22 info at:

Join NatGat2 mumble meetings TBA – Please suggest how we should proceed with a meeeting.
NatGat2 Room

In Solidarity,



Interconnectivity and cross-pollination (NGWG member participation):

discussions, meetings
June 27 How can we connect now our struggles and squares to create a global change?
Intl Network
World Human Tide
NatGat2 Launch Call, Spain, Montreal

Intl Network

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