How can we connect now our struggles and squares to create a global change?

Solidarity the world over!
With this call we invite all the comrades to go out this weekend, 6-7 July 2013, with out borders and reclaim the streets, squares, parks and all that belongs the humanity. Let us rise doesn’t matter wherever we are; in Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, in the cities, towns, and villages of the World. Let us rise up together, not only for standing in solidarity with each other, but also to feel the fact that we are fighting our own struggle with the others all over the world.

A collaborative call for this Event comes from this open facebook group:

… which was formed after a successful 80 person transnational meeting that took place on mumble June 27 after many discussions and interconnections arising from the WSF in March, the demonstrations in Brasil, Istanbul, Tunisa, Greece, Egypt, and previous networks working on the long slow march of global solidarity:

You can read the minutes and see how the meeting was structured here:  How can we connect now our struggles and squares to create a global change?

Around 75-80 activists participated to the online forum held on 27 June 2013. Participants were from:

  • 15M Madrid, Barcelona, Spain,
  • Occupy London UK,
  • Grenoble France,
  • Bielefeld Germany,
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Australia
  • Quebec
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Tblisi, Georgia,
  • France
  • Italy
  • Vancouver Canada
  • Brasil
  • Germany
  • Florida San Francisco USA
  • Czech Republic
  • Iran
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Lecce, Italy
  • Rome, Italy
  • Ireland
  • Western NY USA


In this collaborative pad we are collectively collecting a calendar with action calls:

Feel free to add what’s missed and propose a different way of building a collective map where we could easily upload different calls

And this pad was formed: to build a call against repression, please collaborate.

The date of the next Forum according to the Doodle we called for is Tuesday 16 July 2013, at 18.00 GMT+01 (London time).

There will soon be the call for this second forum circulated.

In solidarity!


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