This Week’s Occupy National Gathering 2013 Calls and Global Meetings

This Week’s Occupy National Gathering 2013 Calls and Global Meetings


The Occupy National Gathering 2013 had it’s launch call last Wed., March 20 and was well attended. We have over 30 people on our InterOccupy Maestro Call and 6 people in our new mumble room. (, Natgat2). We had people from Spain, Montreal, Nova Scotia as well as various states in the mumble room.

David Cobb presented on the call and will be bottomlining the Corporate Personhood portion of the Convergence on Economic Injustice. Besides our five convergence areas, we are also focusing on Global Conversation and Solidarity and the Summer Tour, which will be a moving concert, teach-ins, community gatherings and conversations.

On Friday, March 22, we joined the Via22 international mumble meeting, where we presented about NatGat and asked those present to join us in continuing the global conversation, and build up to NatGat2. All present agreed to Plant a Seed on Earth Day to symbolize real local growth and the growing global community. The attendees will take the proposal back to their assemblies to discuss further evetns and actions.

On Sunday, a planning group member attended the World Human Tide global mumble meeting which was held in French and Spanish, and had over 30 people in attendance from Europe, Mexico and South America. With help from an online translate program, the lone American was able to copy and paste the written texts and keep up with the basic conversation. A member from Spain was kind enough to translate to English when an important issue or vote was up. The World Human Tide is an emerging group, much like Via 22 and NatGat2, interested in supporting local actions and discussing furthering the global implications of all our struggles, and continuing the global conversation and solidarity for each other.

You can read more about these meetings in the following pads:

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