Occupy National Gathering Needs Your Help with Grant Process! Help Create Our Video!

We need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are shooting a video for the Arcus Center Global Prize. We will use this for making a summer tour empowering grass roots and social justice in multiple countries!! We need enough volunteers to make this an 8-10 minute video!!!

ALL you have to do is:
1- record a video of yourself (even with your phone)
2- read the script below looking at the Camera
3- send it to Natgat2013@gmail.com by Tuesday March 5th!!!!

___________Script __________

This summer, Occupy Kalamazoo is hosting the Occupy National Gathering, August 21st – 25. We will be in Global Solidarity.

Starting on Earthday, we will host local community events in cities and countries around the world:   To Plant a Seed in the ground, and Plant the Seed of Global Communication.

Starting at the street and neighborhood level:  Holding a public pot lucks and community discussions about what the PEOPLE think we need, and how WE THE PEOPLE can do it.

We stand in Solidarity with Tim (Congrats Tim!), Bidder 70! and then this seed grows!

In June (still growing) our first flowers bloom.  Our Summer of Change tours, with musicians, teach ins, streamers, Occupy Sandy Drive, artists, Strike debt concerts) will begin heading to a city near you, on their way to the Zoo.

In August, we harvest:   The Occupy National Gathering begins in Kalamazoo as well as in cities and countries around the world, and the People of the World speak to each other about what the PEOPLE think we need, and how WE THE PEOPLE can do it.

___________ End script ___________


– if you have creative edits please feel free!!!!
to find out more email Natgat2013@gmail.com or call at 269-217-6600! – Be the Change you wish to see!


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