NGWG Launch Maestro Call 20 March Agenda & Notes

Agenda for Launch call March 20th
8/5:00pm-10/7:00pm – 2 hours

Need Notetaker! See bottom of agenda.
Introductions – 15 min,

Convergences- 3 min each
– Fixing Fossil Fuels and Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Future
– Economic and Trade Justice, Equal Access and Ending Corporate “Personhood”, Asserting the People’s Sovereignty
– Ending War and Our Police State, Building Peace and Cooperation
– Making and Supporting Free, Unfettered Media
( Kalamazoo issues covered in Why Kalamazoo)
– Q&A, poll for working groups

Why Kalamaz00 – 3 min each
– how Kalamazoo was picked (Chris)
– The Oil Spill (Autumn)
– 6th Meanest city in the Nation (Mouse)
– sustainable answers (Rick)
Bike Gen Theatre, Build a Park, Homeless bill of rights, Tar Sands,
– Housing, Travel, logistics
– Q&A, poll for working groups

Global Conversation – 15
– Earthday to August 22nd ( 5 min) ( call for build april-may, may -june, june -july) (jay from Gathr?)
– Aug 21st call for solidarity for Meditation, and mediation
– Aug 22nd Bank Transfer day, Global Conversation begins
– Aug 23rd Call for strike, ( with community supported actions)
– Aug 24th Global CELEBRATION ( Concerts, pots n pans, fun events)
– Aug 25th Global March for Peace,
– Q&A, poll for working groups

Summer Tour of Change – (travel) 15 min (Lisa)
– June 8th ( Unfuck the World) (5 min) ( Maike) Lisa will be speaking on behalf of UTW
– Occupy Sandy Drive
– Rolling Jubilee tour
– Community highlight/ Alternative media
– Q&A, poll for working groups

next steps:

Link to Website Forms
Working group listservs – see NatGat2 Hub Updates::

Remind folks about Maestro training and need for facilitators and TAs going forward.

Environmental outreach – Nicole – our main goal is to determine how we can work together and empower eachother to fight environmental issues and move away from fossil fuels, even if we use different tactics. Teamwork is the goal!
Economic and trade justice – David Cobb
Corporate personhood –
Ending war – Chris – several peace groups in Michigan and abroad. Want to see how we can come together and stop the war machine. How can we make sense of the craziness and put an end to war, soldier suicides. How can we the people address this together, make solutions.

Making and supporting free and unfettered media – Calling out to alternative media and see how we can come together and address these issues.

Tracie- worked with first natgat. Veterans for Peace. If there’s a story people want to tell, maybe we can highlight those people and bring them to natgat to tell their stories.

Lynn – been getting people organized to send out petitions to churches. Having people volunteer as opposed to paying people, need to get that kind of concept out there.

If you want to be a part of any particular convergence group, put up a 2!

Why Kalamazoo? – Chris – A conversation started in November about whether or not there would be another natgat. Even though Kzoo is not a large city, environmental issues (the oil spill) and other local issues creates an opportunity to change the city. They spent time reaching out to see if any other cities wanted to do the national gathering, spoke to the first working group and wanted to make sure there was consensus and “had their blessing”. Kzoo is also the 6th meanest city to the homeless in the U.S.

Mouse – in 2009, Kzoo was labeled the 6th meanest city against the homeless in the nation. The homeless coalition across the country did a study that showed laws criminalizing the homeless, making it illegal to eat, sleep, in the public. 9/10 businesses will call the police for trespassing if a homeless person so much as uses their bathroom.

Chris – Mouse has been leading a charge to put forward a homeless bill of rights similar to ones passed in California and Rhode Island. Thank you Mouse!

Tammy – supports what Mouse and what occupy is doing to the homeless. Also happening in Kzoo: drones will be launched in Fort Custer, another good reason for natgat to be in kzoo.

Chris – definitely

Phil – a carpenter. Been with occupy since October 2011. We need to create more of a web presence. We have websites, but don’t seem to have the kind of presence we need online. Also a web administrator. Need to be able to show people where to go and where they can find info online. Does anyone have ideas on how to move forward with this? Also, we need people who can create sites that would be of interest to people in the occupy movement.

Chris – Phil has been helping with a lot of webhosting, want to give him a shoutout!

Karen – apologize for negativity in introduction, drones in Seattle, lost the vote yesterday. Wanted to mention Detroit, city council and the mayor have no power because of takeover. She is also an attorney, wants light to be shined on this kind of legislation.

Chris – RTW in WI, MI, thanks to Karen for speaking to this.

Rick – working with local churches in kzoo.

Chris – oldest standing church in Kzoo might let OK and other groups take space in their building. Will be working on housing, education, family shelter. City gave 25,000 out of 140,000,000 budget to help homeless, 92% increase in number of homeless children in Kzoo. Want to talk about how to use a tree to charge a cell phone, use a wind up.

Mouse – 16% of Kzoo population is below the poverty guideline, and 10% of the 16% are families with children

Global conversation – Jackie – Mumble meeting on Friday at 12pm EST with via22. Will be talking about Earth Day. We will literally plant a seed (of change) and have a conversation about making changes in our communities. These are local conversations, but this is also a global event.

Chris – Tim DeChristopher will be getting out of jail on April 21! Calling for people to watch the documentary (Bidder 70) on his action. He is also willing to skype with people, so if anyone wants to make that a part of their Earth Day event, that’s an option!

Jarah: Coordinating with occupy global media, trying to get figures from revolutions around the world to speak at natgat. Someone from Egypt, Radio Free Syria, someone from Greece who works with anonymous. Also have global occupy media putting together an international paper they’ve been promoting on conference calls.

Karen – a bill introduced in congress last Thursday that will come up for vote this week. This says that congress can approve the Keystone XL pipeline without the president’s approval. It is expected that this bill will pass.

Cal – link to the hub is on the participant dashboard!

Lisa – get together a forum, petition, event, to have people call senators and say something (direct response to Karen)

John – China owns 80% of tar sands from Canada.

Fred –, Sierra Club are working on this issue. Will email natgat list a website where we can enter our zip codes and get numbers for our senators.

Occupy Summer Tour of Change – Lisa – Will be kicking off on July 8 with Unfuck The World. Great opportunity for people to network, music, learn how to work together. London, Brisbane, LA, will be streaming live. Worldwide solidarity. Spoke with Maike from LA today, couldn’t make the call but Lisa passing along info from her. Working on a traveling carnival of activists working with occupy and non-occupy groups. Strike debt concerts, donation drives (Occupy Sandy). Towns that they will be traveling to with Guitarmy, bike tour, caravan. Different time frames for each, people can determine what works for them. Lisa is in NY right now working with Occupy Sandy, hurricane relief effort. Will be back home in mid-April. Very important to keep supporting the effort, especially with spring coming and mold being a huge problem. Can be deadly. Anyone who wants to help, please do!

Chris – will be building forms/registration to assist with different aspects of travel. Want to highlight the tour as a potential travel option. People will literally begin walking to Kzoo from some places, there will be supply drives for Sandy. Walking tour, bike tour, caravan

Lisa – mega bus…option?

Chris – might be on there by mistake. They were supportive with caravan effort in DC last year, probably not supposed to be on facebook page now.

Jackie – wanted to respond about the caravan. might want to encourage people to start organizing locally. Last year, New England leg started applying for grants. Have to get going early.

Chris – was on tour before, definitely encourages as much organization as possible

Carrie and Dan – been wanting to talk about the website at
Would be fantastic to provide everyone with a clone/copy of what they are doing in terms of a website. phil has server space available. Could really help with natgat.

Chris – Dan, definitely encourage you to share this!

Cal – will be launching a large scale visioning process. Will likely put all technical tools that IO and others are working on to the test.


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