The Issue

Mark your calendars for July 24th-26th, 2015. We are in the midst of planning what promises to be a community building event for impacted communities, (including our own).

This event is being started by local community members surviving the July 2010 Tar Sand oil spill. “The largest inland oil spill in U.S. History”. Now after 5 years we have learned our best hope to understand what is happening to us in “the first spill of it’s kind”, is in the people. We hope to share this event with other impacted communities who has survived and cried, and lost as we have. ┬áPlease watch our teaser here. http://bit.ly/1AQjUi8

Any community that has had a fossil fuel disaster — we would be honored to share our anniversary with you with multiple events! We invite impacted communities from fossil fuel industries to also organize for a local fundraiser to help small impacted communities.

Join our first conference call Feb. 15 @ 8:30 PM ET. This will be an announcement call on what to expect, and how this event is being organized, and will also include:

  • – how you can be a part of the event in west MI
  • – how other impacted communities can make a satellite event
  • – what the goals are of the event for west MI
  • – What will be happening July 24-26

Remember the Kalamazoo 1st Promo