InterOccupy: A People’s Digital Toolkit Or “A Committee Of Friends”

From listservs to wikis to online forums and calls, InterOccupy has packaged a tool kit that can plan coordinated national actions or mass gatherings from the bottom up… for free. If we are going to win the battle of titans then we are going to have to unify in purpose and in spirit for to fight the battle with the enemies weapon is to lose the war in principle. Continue reading

What Might Occupy’s Nonviolent Militia Look Like?

Over the past few weeks activists with OWS have been reflecting on the last two years of struggle. Talk of militias and armies arose on two coasts and suggests that there are others having analogous ideas in-between the coasts. Explore how Americans perceive talk about militias and juxtapose it to the emergence of the White Overalls brigades in Italy, who managed to tactically innovate during heavy police repression. Continue reading