Updates and requests from #GlobalNoise assemblies

Dearest Comrades,

We would like to drive your attention to the folowing requests/suggestions emerged during the past week:

– Special request from Mexico they are asking all assemblies of the planet to make an effort and try to agree on a specific REAL moment for the #pots&pans, this means that the #Casserolade would have to take place at dawn or at midnight for some of us depending on our time zone. The actual time would be selected by Asian assemblies. For our mexican comrades this would represent an expression of strenght. Please those assemblies that agree on that this coordination is important contact dinamization12m15m@gmail.com and mexicolibre132@gmail.com to polish the deatils.

– Please keep sending pictures and videos to the “Your Noise” project http://www.globalnoise.net/your-noise/ so that our artists in Australia can produce nice promotional media material. The contact email potbanging@gmail.com.

– An idea from Denmark: What about creating a #GlobalNoise drum band for every local event? the KEY about this proposal is that those bands could start rehearsing and sending the footage so that we could produce a video similar to (play for change). Please if you are up to, email dinamization12m15m@gmail.com.
As always we give a warm welcome to assmblies who just confirmed endorsement to #GN
Wisconsin, Boston, Croatia, Copenhaguen, Ireland, and so on, the updated list here (LINK).


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