Minutes – 9/4/12

Hector from ICBcn ask #GN to contact asian activists http://focusweb.org/ they are aware of the initiative, they leke it and we should be sending them updates about October 2012

Miki shared Barcelon’s strategy for communication http://icbcn.titanpad.com/GlobalNoiseComStrategy that TNT support
We also habe NYC S17 Comms strategy http://s17nyc.org/organize/online-action-kit/ please use these ideas and adapt them to spread #GlobalNoise locally and internationally

From Canada -There is a proposal consisting on a global protest the 22nd day of EVERY month starting on October 22nd, this would be the continuation/prologation of #GlobalNosie, please support and spread

ALL LOCAL MOVEMENTS supporting or not #GN are invited to spread their action on globalrevolution stream channel http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution
please writte/submit your channel info at http://tirorere.titanpad.com/18 to get access to use the pltform

From DJVJGRIL requesting every local assembly and independent #GN promoters to sign up a hub or post their links in it so that all the information gets blasted from and to all around the world : https://notes.occupy.net/p/postrssfeedlinksforbothere

AND please dont forget to raise awareness and spirit with personal #globalnoise action. every night participate for a minute at 8pm your time. open dialog with yoru neighbors, be an example of action. show the way for personal action for those who cannot participate in mass actions.
bang on.

Now, the surprise: on Fri 14th, during our meeting, please try to be there, we will have direct connection with Milano, our comrades there are preparing Firenze 10+10 and every since #GN is the only “stable” action, compared to the rest of the global week, they would be glad to hear about our plans.

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