Minutes – 8/3/12

MAINPAD: http://tirorere.titanpad.com/10

livestream by TPOM in this link…..

globalNOISE mailing list to Post: globalNOISE@lists.mayfirst.org
List info/sunscribe: https://lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/listinfo/globalnoise

#GlobalNoise meeting on 3 august 2012
please add items to the agenda
time of the meeting 21pm CET (19pm UTC)
last weeks summary http://titanpad.com/globalnose27july
Index Pad: http://tirorere.titanpad.com/10
. Please add your contact details at http://tirorere.titanpad.com/8

Please feel free to add items to the agenda

we have a suggested (not imposed) date from the INT’L Network to the local assemeblies it is 13Oct for the Global Day of action
Assamblea Sant Antoni in Barcelona is joining #GlobalNoise, scheduled for 13O but at the same time proposes another day to the assemblies for the GdoA: #20O (¿?¿?¿!!!!)
week of actions, from 12Oct to 20Oct – 13Oct GlobalNOISE
Barcelona will join #GN on 13thOct @acampadaBCN ?

Blog : I updated the DATE on the Proposal page (lenguajes)
Blog: I added a MAP on Who is Already N page
Blog: I created a new image to spread #globalNOISE http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-aq3rKzqeEqA/UBwfCMdGkZI/AAAAAAAAAHo/3Tb1Ka1IWjE/s1600/13-oct-ciudades.jpg

Meeting for editing the site

web the tikiwiki page (did we try to visit it?) http://www.globalnoise.net/GlobalNoise
what was about the spam “attack”?
T_indignadx requesting admin rights (at Blogger) to edit this page http://blog.globalnoise.net/p/next-meeting.html and the proposal pages in all languages to change the text edited in English and French and Spanish, thanks!
you already have permision from dinamization12m15m@gmail.com , but i also send to ternuros (+1 thanks!)

T- try this: Go to www.blogspot.com , then you will see all your blogs, go to globalNOISE and edit



How to connect with greeks, italians, east countries, Japanesse, etc.
There is someone working on that?
Via twitter would be an efficient way. I write mail to the list on that.

I tried to connect via twitter with Brasil, Japan, Greece, Hong Kong, Sudan, but no way to have it on the meetings …

Working on our countries, spaming assamblies (via twitter – Spain & Portugal @Potbanging_ES)

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