Minutes – 8/10/12

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#GloblNoise meeting on 10 Aug 2012
please add items to the agenda
time of the meeting 21pm CET
last weeks summary http://titanpad.com/globalnoise3A
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Please add your contact details at http://tirorere.titanpad.com/8

AGENDA please add your items

1. About Spain info is spreaded to most of the assamblies/mov by twitter and mail. Summer is difficult.

2. There´s someone trying to connect with african/asian movements?
I think tirorere did. Andrea can email africa and try to find some Asian contacts. – Andrea will email Moses at @Occupy Africa, and try to find some contacts in Asia (Japan, China etc)

— Extra Agenda Point #1 —
A group of french occupiers met one of the leader of the syrian revolution. Group of people “like us” (occupy etc.) started revolution in syria, then ppl from turkey, saudi arabia, … “infiltrated” the movement and try to take it over. Iran, Russia and china provide weapons to syrian government so it can block the revolution and russians and chinese think revolutions dont work. European countries try to take control of the area. Tunisian Activist asks for support to stop weapon deliveries to syrian gov.
Activists ask us to protest against Iran, Russia and Saudi Arabia’s weapon deliveries.

Mathieu will send a mail to ML to explain more deeply what is it all about.

3. About date: We received an email saying that not alll BCN is planning 20Oct , just one assemblie from a neighbourhood is planning 20 Oct as global day of action, and trying to connect with every assambly
Proposal: 13th Oct as “Main Day” and 12-20th as #globalNOISE week? Accepted

Focused on alternatives and solutions happening in every assemblies neighbourhoud. Then, every people who wants to participate can join this initiatives. That’s a strong way to communicate on how the Occupiers/indignados are really making somthing.

4. @tirorere will try to contact with portuguese lenguaje countries. Already received a mail from portuguese movement. We will try to contact Brazilians

5. Media Team (to mantain the web-site)
– How to organize?

6. Website – Tikiwiki or WordPress?
Nicholas made a WordPress-Version on the website @ http://globalnoise.netzwerk99.de/

7. GN ANIMATION: We contacted with some guys from Barcelona, they´re begining to make an animation video (1 minute) for spreading the globalNOISE .
they are great, and told us animation will be ready at begining of September
The script is very basic, people doing noise around the planet, with different skylines
We need to have clear contents and “lemas” we want to spread on the video.
Here some frames of the animation:
Rio: http://tinypic.com/r/m9an0z/6
Barcelona: http://tinypic.com/r/29erk2e/6
should we get #anon involved? the @LNN crew may make something for us, and they have loads of followers.

8. “United Hamburg”, an alliance of various groups and individuals from hamburg, joins #globalNOISE for #13O (Source (German): https://docs.google.com/open?id=1nI44ZhHo3F0Twihy9KZJRmS7FOV-MayfpStefJkEzVzKyU33cWt6I7H0qlbY ) (Nicholas)

design approval or feedback on this sticker idea: http://www.globalnoise.net/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?view=browse&galleryId=4

Summary of this meeting:

MINUTES please write your interventions below

*Language* — *interacción*:
*****TURN***** = “I want to speak”
+1 (o WWW): I agree
-1 (o MMM): I don’t agree
0 (o HHH): I don’t agree but not against
agenda and minutes: http://titanpad.com/gnminutesaug10

current agendapoint: 3. About date

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