Minutes – 8/10/12 – Condensed summary

This is a summary of the globalnoise meeting happened on the 10th of august.
Complete minutes are here : http://titanpad.com/gnminutesaug10

1. Movement Spreading
The word has spreading to most of the assamblies/mov by twitter and mail in Spain even if summer communication is difficult.
“United Hamburg”, an alliance of various groups and individuals from hamburg, joins #globalNOISE for #13O (Source (German)): https://docs.google.com/open?id=1nI44ZhHo3F0Twihy9KZJRmS7FOV-MayfpStefJkEzVzKyU33cWt6I7H0qlbY )

2. Connect with african/asian movements?
We will email Moses at @Occupy Africa but still looking for some contacts in Asia (Japan, China etc)
We are starting contacting activists from Iran and Syria
We keep trying to get activists in China
We also send updates (tweets) to Libya and Egypt but no reply

–> Please contact us if you know activists around the world.

3. Date of next global movement :
13th Oct as “Main Potbangings Day” and 12-20th as #globalNOISE week concretized by potbangings BESIDES, people is called to do #potbanging every night 20:00pm (local time) for world peace. <-- was there a consensus on that? especially on giving it the topic "for world peace"? I still would prefer to let everyone decide on his own what he wants to bang against. (nicholas) The #casserolade every night is for world peace, proposed by @zigz long ago (T) this matches the proposal from the International Network to do aglobal week of action (wherever possible) Focused on alternatives and solutions happening in every assemblies neighbourhoud. Then, every people who wants to participate can join this initiatives. That's a strong way to communicate on how the Occupiers/indignados are really making something. 4. Media Team (to mantain the web-site) -> We’ll create a new mailing-list for technical issues / media team
Main Website is here http://www.globalnoise.net/

This social website has just started http://thechangebook.org/
It’s a good way to communicate between activists whether they are strongly invloved or just interested in it as it will gather every potential energies.

5. GN ANIMATION: We contacted with some guys from Barcelona, they┬┤re begining to make an animation video (1 minute) for spreading the globalNOISE .
they are great, and told us animation will be ready at begining of September
The script is very basic, people doing noise around the planet, with different skylines
We need to have clear contents and “lemas” we want to spread on the video.
Here some frames of the animation:
Rio: http://tinypic.com/r/m9an0z/6
Barcelona: http://tinypic.com/r/29erk2e/6

– design approval or feedback on this sticker idea: http://www.globalnoise.net/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?view=browse&galleryId=4
– There is a facilitators meeting on Tuesday, occupytalk.org 18:00 GMT +1 http://piratepad.net/bAOMa50juZ
meetoccupy monday is for those new to occupy/mumble
there is a channel on the occupycoordination.org mumble server that can serve as a media prep room.
International Collaborative Media Allianceor “Occupy Cooperation” on Aug 16th at 5pm UTC, 7pm CET
Lable can be “US mumble” or “OC mumble”
Address: occupycoordination.com (should be written as it is) Port: 64738
pswd (this one uses a password): occupy
This video shows how to do it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF90Qdm7mH8

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