Minutes / 7/27/12

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#GloablNoise meeting on 27th July 2012
please add items to the agenda
time of the meeting 21pm CET

Summary of this meeting: below (Andrea kindly volunteers to do it this time round)

last weeks summary http://tirorere.titanpad.com/17
Index Pad: http://tirorere.titanpad.com/10
. Please add your contact details at http://tirorere.titanpad.com/8

*Language* — *interacción*:
*****TURN***** = “I want to speak”
+1 (o WWW): I agree
-1 (o MMM): I don’t agree
0 (o HHH): I don’t agree but not against


Info points
One more assembly joined: T_indignadxs hood assembly in Gijón
Just FYI – 29.9. ‘umFAIRteilen’ (redistribution of the money) – Germany-wide day of action to tax the rich Please add a #potbanging moment to the progam XD
Any other #pots&pans protests last week or next week?
9-15 through 9/17 big actions throughout U.S. Please keep us updated, maybe the mailing list would help? globalnoise@lists.mayfirst.org, [S17 HUB is here: http://interoccupy.net/s17nyc/ – there are several S17 mailing lists that we can join]
We have a HUB at IO, (reminder) http://interoccupy.net/globalnoise/
pHinkasaurus: tenura, Occupy Chicago anniversary is also in sept, S23! a WG has formed in chicago, plans still being formed.

Updates on ongoing work/Requests – follow up
The tikiwiki is up (link?). please register there. For those of us without facebook and lacking faith in big corporations, there is a poll to vote on ‘global noise day’ PLUS Global action day Poll in the blog apart from FB
Improvements to the site http://tirorere.titanpad.com/11
I think we need to have an explanation of the action on the website, as we have on the blog http://blog.globalnoise.net/ (in different lenguajes) +1 ac please do so here is the template http://notes.occupy.net/p/GlobalNoiseUSGAsProposal
Also on the web locate the “Already in” http://blog.globalnoise.net/p/who-is-already-in.html
We will contact @denmans to change the site to a more easy way to admin as WordPress
Translation of the ask letter+proposal translations PAD http://tirorere.titanpad.com/4
occupy chicago is concerned with the “theme”, suggests tying it to student debt. what are other suggestions? (i think there was discussion on that last meeting?)
Larry from Philly, Micah from Occupy Chi and Andrea from OWS NYC will be pushing the GN proposal through the US starting this coming week.
we really need to settle on a date!
Can’t really do outreach without a date
Ther will be a meeting on July 30th [WORLDWIDE] OWS/Occupy/Indignados International Network
http://occupii.org/events/ows-occupy-indignados-international-network-meeting we will talk abou the chances to set a date

We need a volunteer to make a summary of the meeting, because minutes are messy to review by visitors – I WILL DO IT! (andrea-io) +1 ty! ty
Use an easier website CMS like WordPress where no coding is needed

we’d like to open a twitter account for france and do all translations in french (site youtube etc) I would take this as a proposal :O) +1 love it!! THANKS!!
please create @potbanging_FR contact with @weareallgreeks (he is doing the twitter stuff)
+1 thanks
I’m writing an article ‘What is globalNOISE?’, aimed at people who don’t know anything about GN, 90% ready.
twitter pad http://tirorere.titanpad.com/6
twitter lists pad http://tirorere.titanpad.com/15
Please add your contact details at http://tirorere.titanpad.com/8
Request IMPORTANT from Ghostofzigz create banners of EVERY action and send it to occueworld for Advertising
which INFO we need to put on the banner ? (i can do it @tirorere) 780px X 152px @spain… another banner to advertise this meeting ill put it on OccuWorld

Minutes go below this line, every one enter their own interventions please, we do not have a minute taker (unless someone volunteers)
Please enter your interventions if you would like them to last for longer than just a comment to the attendees

Several people would prefer the date to be set from the Saturday 13th of October but as far as communicating and motivating different groups may take some time in France. The Occupy movement and the Indignés are just beginning to get the attention they deserve.
somewhere between 12th and 15th would keep continuity with the MAy ones.
the later the date in October the closer it is to the US election.
we just can’t mobilize towards anything wihtout a date
and it would be great to do s17 and gn outreach at the same time
Meeting to talk about the global day of action http://occupii.org/events/ows-occupy-indignados-international-network-meeting
T_indignadx and comrades form France will be there in order to try to settle a date and then we will let US/IO and occuwprld know the date so that they can proceed.

pHinkasaurus: we should keep pushing the poll!!! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/questions/321466421279209/
Deadline on Sept 1st

About the site/tuikiwiki Nicholas suggests to stick to the wordpress site because some find the wiki a bit hard to manage
ghostofzigz: wordpress is the standard and there are thousands of plugins, and i can give you advice on hardening your wordpress against attacks, and some good plugins to use

globalNOISE themes:
– student debt
– foreclosures
– from micah – giving each assebmly the freedom to be in the streets for whatever reason they feel, i.e. what’s important to their community is great. perhaps we can all support each asseblies decision by providing research support. if chicago decides to focus on student debt, we can share our knowledge on that.
+ If the purpose of this action is to make noise – shouldn’t the location determine the theme? (BarbDwyer)+1

pHinkasaurus: sry 🙂 public space… anyway, i think giving each assebmly the freedom to be in the streets for whatever reason they feel, i.e. what’s important to their community is great.
pHinkasaurus: also, perhaps we can all support each asseblies decision by providing research support. if chicago decides to focus on student debt, we can share our knowledge on that.

For DRY66: the proposal explined really well http://notes.occupy.net/p/GlobalNoiseUSGAsProposal
ready for translation :O) to french, please when the texts are ready send them to potbanging@gmail.com

REMINDER @ghostofzigz: by the way, banner ad space is free to ALL occupy events, meets, sites, etc.. contact @ghostofzigz with your 780px X 152px banner image and link. 🙂 he makes HUGE effort to spread!!! and a good work

ukwatching: We could set up groups on occupii – about different issues like foreclosures, student debt etc +1

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