Minutes / 7/20/12

Happy to offer a short summary of our latest meeting (friday 20th)

A poll was created at the #GNoise community page https://www.facebook.com/globalNOISE in order to decide the date of the action before Sept . We kindly request you all to spread the poll and ask assempblies and people to vote
There is a proposal and a request for the admins, to open a new page at the blog http://www.globalnoise.net open to comments from visitors (if possible) so that they enter the reason WHY we should make #globalnoise.

This came after the proposal from OLSX Economy WG was explained and discussed [to link the #Gnoise protest to Prosecution of financial crimes at an international Tribunal, after an investigation of the Global debt] most of us think that these ideas should not be imposed to assemblies and therefore the need to consult them and ask their reasons.
Finally, we have to keep supporting monthly protests in order to build momentum, #casserolades took place today in NM (please correct me if am wrong), in Quebec and Queens (NYC)

Please feel free to add more content if you miss anything (any consensus reached or an action plan to carry over)
the minute pad is here http://titanpad.com/5GAQFEIzr0 one of the atendees created it because he finds it difficult to find the information in the agenda pads (Index Pad: http://tirorere.titanpad.com/10).

We should definitelly talk about this issue next meeting, agenda pads are intended to become minute pads after the meetings but still messy, probably makig summaries of consensus (in bullet points) can help to fix this, we will need volunteers to write them.

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