Minutes – 10/5/12

#GlobalNoise AGENDA and minutes (below the agenda)
Weekly meeting on Oct 5th

Please add your agenda items here:


0) Recently added:

– Cartagena Spain – @dryct40
– Gelsenkirchen, Germany http://www.lokalkompass.de/gelsenkirchen/politik/occupy-gelsenkirchen-schliesst-sich-der-global-noise-demonstration-an-d216633.html
– Huelva Spain https://www.facebook.com/events/162282907229168/162284983895627/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity
– Jaen Spain https://www.facebook.com/events/501743956503867/
– valencia Spain https://www.facebook.com/events/283743621734542/
– Malaga, Spain
– Zaragoza Spain @acampadazgz
– Rotterdam /Netherlands) https://www.facebook.com/events/450616964989760/
– NY USA @OccupyWallStNYC http://www.nycga.net/events/event/globalnoise-worldwide-day-of-action/ @OccupyWallStNYC..& strike debt
– Pecs Hungary https://www.facebook.com/events/459953380715884/?ref=ts&fref=ts
– THE HAGUE / DEN HAAG – The Netherlands

Update details from Spain: FB for all Spain https://www.facebook.com/events/221502277979132/

1) dublin, update on irish globalNOISE the irish globalNOISE twitter account was suspended this week for a time which was abit of a set back . the facebook event had been remove by facebook several times over the past few weeks so the group had to start from scratch a few times .
Also happened to @globalnoiseRoma
Suspended accounts can be recovered, just follow twitter messages.
With new accouns (without folowers) you have a limit of metions @, they easily consider you a spam, and suspend.

2) updates on lsx plans for global noise
5) Via22 New homepage http://via22global.wix.com/

7) OWS has an action spokescouncil tonight which will consense on a set of actions in the globalNoise framework. There will be a proposal from Strike Debt:

The Strike Debt Call To Action Framework

In response to the international call for Global Noise Actions to take place
on October 13th in outrage around debt and austerity Strike Debt calls for
this framework as a beginning of the #13O #GlobalNoise action plans in NYC.

4 pm – A Convergence of Strike Debt at Columbus Circle, NYC

we envision time in this space for swirl actions, autonomous actions,
outreach and more: Occupy Town Square, Free University

6 pm – Global Noise Assembly

7:30 pm – A Debt Burning and Casserole March

– have these above been added to the GN website? (andrea)
yes i added (tiro) me too (nicholas)


list your city / stream channel on GNstream PAD – http://tirorere.titanpad.com/18

http://bambuser.com/channel/Rakehell_Obi (not confirmed buy nearly certain) he also sometimes uses olsx acc rather than rakehell and theres also onn ustream which he sometimes uses – so can u find out which one and pass it onto lsx livestream –
http://bambuser.com/channel/alburyj (not confirmed but nearly certain) james also has ustream
http://bambuser.com/channel/PSantosZl (not confirmed but nearly certain) pedro also uses onn ustream Yes. In fact Pedro appears to have created many ustream channels based on “topic” I believe. Can someone please check which channels will be used as people often miss broadcasts with so many to monitor/follow.
Is important we know whether they will be using bambuser or ustream and which account if theyve created more than one.-will see them tomorrow. Okay – to put on Sunday meeting?
(Pedro?) Occupy News Network – http://occupynewsnetwork.co.uk/

Events: Various speakers – most to be confirmed.
Possible assembly – 15m London

@ vica/ arun – u have list of events and people who will be streaming? (not a fb link please as I dont have)
livestreamers are here: http://tirorere.titanpad.com/18 http://occupylondon.org.uk/livestream

Would you like me to write them down individually? please – as they will also be picked up by multiple livestreams depending on time zones and other events Also, please say if any streamers have confirmed. Not all of the list are active, this will save time on the day.

Can the admin of occupylondon.org adjust the lsx livestream embed to allow chatters to participate please? I am sure a lot of “viewers” would like to engage with like-minded people and discover more info about what they’re viewing etc.watch here: http://www.livestream.com/occupylsx Likeminded people there everyday, long term supporters and the longest running livestream for OSLX Thank you but my request still stands as many drawn to occupylondon.org may not know how to get to lsx livestream direct, to chat.- agreeThat is a good point. It is also listed there though. Yes, but not stated “you can chat at this link” Great point. Vica? Can you sort this out please?

we will tweet from gn accounts about list of streams


3) twitter campaign next wednesday : https://www.facebook.com/events/336606239769070/
Please invite and spread!
in Spain we use to send Direct Messages to your folowers saying: “Tomorrow #globalnoise #13o wants to trend , please tweet using this hashtag and link to www.globalnoise.net ”

we will trend with #globalNOISE #13o or #o13 ,

4) Please post video to youtube with the #GlobalNOISE hashtag in the title and it will be picked up. Get people that don’t stream to take video and post it on youtube this way. Give as many angles as possible. Give as true a picture as possible. The whole world will be watching.

9) #OccupyTheComms has a crowd source media page for globalnoise which will collect all the releveant media related to the action using real time tools as well as semi-anonymous submissions (you can register for the site with any email address it dosnt verify)
what we need to make this work better:
List of Livestreamers covering per city – – solved http://tirorere.titanpad.com/18 pad of streamers
Good writers who can post links to their work who can contextualize the debt problem to be used by movement journalists in shaping their narratives
list of twitter accounts to follow for grwatch bots
good speakers who can talk about the underlying issues during the action and after over skype to be pushed into the livestream channels when the audience is at the max.

10. Global Noise Livestream Channel – need mixers/mod volunteers
any complete list of videos we can add to channel autoplay? we have a compilation of GN videos on http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtf2jiJCdz_sk5Q13mPAl9Q?feature=guide

Please add the direct link to livestream channel: www.livestream.com/globalNOISElive

Volunteers -Mixers/producers:

Volunteers to mod the chat:

*tutini2 thank you 🙂
*Isunny – a mod on http://www.livestream.com/occupyworldnewsnow
*ukw – can be called on if things get really busy – am mod on http://www.livestream.com/occupylsx and ownn (above link) both livestreams will also be covering global noise

11. Working on the security of the main page and massive vists on #13o

12. Live Map – real time map for #13o #globalnoise ( as www.voces25s.es on 25s Spain)
– andrea to check in about live maps with tech ops in nyc


6) Dutch translation of “What is globalNOISE?” – http://www.globalnoise.net/wat-is-globalnoise


via22 (reoccuring monthly on ground actions) sites and info:

www.livestream.com/globalNOISElive please spread (we will do on twt acc)


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