[ISM-global] TODAY #18O: Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION

Dear comrades,

Today, October 18, marks the Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION — Direct Democracy NOW! http://ism-global.net/RECLAIM_EDUCATION_oct18 please support in any way you can.

Activities announced as part of this day (so far) are being collected inside this pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/GES.Oct18

The International Joint Statement in many languages can be found here: http://www.ism-global.net/international_joint_statement the HASHTAG for today is #1world1struggle

Groups are encouraged to organize actions that announce their participation in the Global Education Strike mid-November, both to spread the word locally as well as to let the world know of their intentions. All the images/videos from the day will be posted on ISM platforms (website, facebook, twitter) to show support and solidarity.

The latest podcast of R√¶ducation –¬† http://youtu.be/GIBRWpmDN40
it also contains the call to action for the Global Education Strike (GES) and contains recent examples state repression worldwide!!

Please make sure to share any reports, pictures and videos of activities related to this day of action on the global ISM mailing list: international_students_movement@lists.riseup.net
They will then also be published on the ISM website.

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