#GlobalNOISE WoA report and future plans

Dear all,

We are celebrating the Global Week of Action, we are gathering media material from the demonstrations that took place on #13O and hoping to get all the inf about actions taking place until October 20th – 22nd.

Please help us spreading and also support the global awareness actions:

1. Post your #GlobalNoise reports to: http://live.globalnoise.net/2012/10/14/globalnoise-reports-of-13o/  please let us know how the #13O went in your city and share these updates http://live.globalnoise.net/

2. Come to the evaluation meeting on friday 19 october via mumble, instructions to join  here http://www.globalnoise.net/meetings/

3. Info on international days:
 #15O marks the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Thomas Sankara http://interoccupy.net/ttsinternational/globalnoise-15o-today-we-all-are-thomas-sankara/ HT: #TTSahankara

Solidarity with Syria (20 Oct) http://www.peoplesassemblies.org/2012/10/20th-oct-global-solidarity-day-for-syria/,

And the referendum in Iceland is also on Oct 20th http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icelandic_constitutional_referendum,_2012

Then #Via22 (on 22nd Oct) http://via22global.wix.com/via2

Plus much more!! http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Time_line

For questions, comments, suggestions and more, please email dinamization12M15M@gmail.com


The International Network of Occupy/Indignados/Indignés/OWS/15M
Take the Square http://takethesquare.net/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/VIA22GLOBAL
Twitter : @VIA22GLOBAL #VIA22
and yourself of course!
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