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Still waiting for confirmation from Berlin, we would love to get an official notice of that they will join #GlobalNoise I share a short summary of our last meeting (August 3rd at 19:00 UTC) Minutes here

1. I informed the group that Barcelona is proposing 20O as the Global day of action but at the same time they will join the #13O casserolade

After a discussion we decided to stick to the initial plan of spreading #13O, getting feedback from our assemblies and see what happens, if at the end of september turns out that all assemblies have chosen 20O (or another date), we will make use of a “flexibility hat” and act accordingly.

Please keep spreading #13O to the assemblies in your area, please send them the proposal, a helpful draft here:

2. Regarding the web Page: whoever is interested in learning how to work in our wiki environment will be kindly taught by Dennis (you are very nice!), we are ginving the tikiwiki one more week (Dennis is also coaching the list members through the email). Tiro and myself got some training the other night.I am really bad with ITC and I managed to create a couple of pages and translate them, that means that anyone can!

3. We acknowledge the need to contact people from other countries and places, we have to be proactive on this, @wearellgreeks pointed out that tweeter is a good way (not an exclusive one, of course) and he is doing a great job (thanks for this!) and also Mark from London gave a push lately requesting OLSX resources to lend a hand.
Hence, we shall use tweeter and any other means that we can think of to contact more and more indignants so that they join the Global day of Action.

I have connection problems, probably I forgot an important detail, please add it for us. minutes again

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