#GlobalNoise thanks for taking part and let us keep collaborating

Greetings comrades,
We want to thank you for participating of the global cacerolazo #GlobalNoise
Here http://live.globalnoise.net/ you will find a collection of material about what happened worldwide on #13O please share that link and also keep archiving your contents here http://live.globalnoise.net/2012/10/14/globalnoise-reports-of-13o/.
It is our intention to continue working together.

We held a meeting on Fri 19th Oct aimed to evaluate the action and to plan further collaborations, the minutes are here http://tirorere.titanpad.com/25

If you are willing to take the most out of this great opportunity to continue coordinating actions of common interest internationally, please send us a message, our contact email is dinamization12M15M@gmail.com

Warm hugs,

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