#Globalnoise Paris 13Oct. 2012 + Assemblée Populaire devant l’Assemblée Nationale


I send you the pictures of our demonstration today : http://www.flickr.com/photos/87824288@N04/sets/72157631761558506/


We had a lot of rain during the day so it may discourage some people to come. We may have been 300 people. However the demonstration was quite loud and joyous with a lot pans :-) . Our banner said “no to the illegetimate debt, we don’t owe we won’t pay”


We made a stop near the embassy of Japan to converge with a gathering of a group of solidarity with the victims of Fukushima and a one of them spoke with the micro to explain us their mobilisation.


There were quite a lot of undocumented people because we organised the demonstration with them. Other organisations supported the demonstration : attac, cadtm, and one trade union (sud bpce). Actually we proposed from august to the french plateform against debt to join (trade unions, political organisations, associations) this mobilisation and to organise it with them, but only a minority chose to join/support : it is a pity. I think i will make later a specific email about organisations.


The undocumented people could not stay during all the demonstration because of problem of security. There was REALLY A LOT of police, i counted 15 police van besides goldman sachs and they told me there were a lot that we could not see. They were surrounding us during ALL the demonstration. At the begginning of the demonstration they were PREVENTING people to leave or to enter the demonstration. They prevented us to give flyers to peole outside the demonstration. They were cutting us off from the population. After the demonstration we organised an assembly and they prevented people who came later to join the assembly (including old women!).
The prefecture did not agree with a part of our route (the part very besides the parliament) so they imposed us to change it. We made two “référés” (summary judgments?) yesterday and today this moring, all rejected by the administrative justice.


We would be glad to know about your events to report on our assembly tomorrow.




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