#GlobalNoise on #13O in Barcelona (Spain)

First, each neighborhood of the city performed their own rally and they all joined in a big one in the center of the city, where our square is.
Once there, the noise started and they started marching to concrete places: The central government delegation building, then the headquarters of the political party in the government in Catalonia and then the EU headquarters in Barcelona.
They protested with image in the second spot:
Last destination was a lie, we fooled the police saying this, instead of going there, the people stopped in front of the Deustche Bank then took out the paint balloons and the trash from the street. The baloons simbolized “toxic actives and credits” and we went to “return our debt”.
– Paint balloons:
– Bank:
– Video:
The police did nothing they had a lot of vans ful of riot police to be scary, but they didn’t come out. Others were working in a different way: http://www.flickr.com/photos/acampadabcnfoto/8084145301/
Then, the demo ended and we went to a party in “Edifici15o” (October 15th building), which was ilegally occupied by us last year on the #15o action and where there are still living families that were evicted by the banks.
The party was in solidarity to raise some money because they’re going to court after one year of permission and they need lawyers.
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