(ENG) let us think big! – Proposal for a global action

UPDATE 08.01.12:
The collective that has formed around the idea of making #globalNOISE happen has reached consensus around the date of the action. We hereby suggest that the international day of action be held on Oct. 13th (#O13). Please take this suggestion to your general assemblies, collectives, and working groups. We welcome any and all feedback on this date, and especially on the actions your group is planning. The call for action does not include a theme, but rather we encourage all local assemblies to highlight whatever concerns are of major importance to the community of which they are a part. Solidarity!


Hello Brothers and Sisters!

Action: Global <LOCAL> Global 
Strengthening the local networks is  very important. But at the same time, we need strong global actions to  reinforce our local work. Often the problems generated by our  governments and false democracies do not let us look beyond our local  presidents and politicians, to see the full global context of the issues  we face. The problems are global because the scam is global, and to  combat these problems we need global action.
For an action to be really global, does it have to happen all over the planet simultaneously?
The pot banging, a.k.a. casserole  march, may seem an uninteresting action on the surface. It might be more  interesting if we were to coordinate an energy-blackout, some sort of  online protest or hack, or a boycott that would more directly affect the  savage system of capitalism. In fact, if you have ideas, please post  them here http://tirorere.titanpad.com/3 for future actions.
But, a casserole march is not an  imposition, but only just one example. It’s one idea out of of many that  we can do. It is more important that we begin to think together and  plan and agree on an action, any action, like this casserole, or a  flashmob, or all run naked into the street!
And perhaps, #globalNOISE could be a simple way to create and improve a system of coordination and  communication that will be required for future actions. Additionally, a  global action such as a casserole march could be a basic way of creating  the global awareness that makes the public realize there is a global  movement that shares common interests and that will fight the scam of  the capitalist system.
We propose 13 OCTOBER as the date  for the event, because we’ve heard there is already an initiative  calling for another big celebration of an anniversary on that date.
We are asking that you bring this  proposal to your local assembly or nearest group for their endorsement  and involvement. Together, our grassroots movements and organizations  can create a single global action realized locally with worldwide  effect.
Looking Forward to hearing from you,
activists for #globalnoise

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