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The situation in Mexico is very complicated. The present state of events have gained such intertia that they are spiraling ever further into a vortex of radical change. Over the term of the present government more than 100 million Mexicans have been killed under the pretext of fighting narcotrafficking. It is a dirty war where no such enemy exisists, it is the State that controls narcotafficking, by utilzing the drug war to eliminate competition and in the process annihilate social activists. It is a farce. This year’s elections were a scandalous fraud, no one voted for the candidate “that won,” we do not know any group that would have voted for him, indeed to date, there has been not one public celebration for his “triumph.” Adding to this scenario the present precarious economic situation, the enormous external debt and the imposition of a criminal labor reform law that allows employers to pay 30 euro cents per hour per worker. In the past two years two million children have died from curable illnesses, meanwhile the actual president has given 10 billion dollars to the IMF and bought a new plane. Where are the priorities?

This is only a bit of what is happening, the clear result is that the mobilizations are permanent, their dynamics are completely unpredictable, we have tried stable baseline levels of coordination and organization of all participants who are fighting against tyranny, but as you can assume this is quite difficult.

Yesterday, in a coordinating meeting it was agreed to have a central demonstration against the government in Mexico City, on October 13. Demonstrators are asked to wear black and remain silent. It is necessary for the world to know that on the Day of Global Noise / 13O, a collective beating of the pots, in eighty cities throughout Mexico, as it will be a stark contrast of a powerful silence in action. It is hoped that a million people will participate in Mexico City.

We hope you understand our reasons, and we assure you that our silence, will let your noise be even greater.

Salud, Justicia y Libertad for all.

If you need to understand the problem in this country, for more information about the background of the social and economic conflicts in Mexico and also for developments on the struggle for justice, please contact the authors

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