Crisis Update from @MexicoLibre132

We decided yesterday at a coordinating meeting to have a central demonstration against the government in Mexico City, on October 13. Demonstrators are asked to wear black and remain silent. It is necessary for the world to know that on the Day of Global Noise / 13O, a collective beating of the pots, in eighty cities throughout Mexico, as it will be a stark contrast of a powerful silence in action. It is hoped that a million people will participate in Mexico City. Continue reading

Round up for next call

Some updates about the #globaNOISE plan since our last meeting. 06 July Minute pad 06 July Results pad (if you feel confused about the pads, remember that we have an index pad: On that one we agreed … Continue reading

globalnoise update

Still waiting for confirmation from Berlin, we would love to get an official notice of that they will join #GlobalNoise I share a short summary of our last meeting (August 3rd at 19:00 UTC) Minutes here 1. I informed … Continue reading

Check out the new globalNOISE Hub!

#globalNOISE: It was first proposed by spanish #15M activists on and is now supported by several people & groups from the whole globe, for example from, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Sudan, South Korea. Its … Continue reading