Get ready for #GlobalNoise!

español ,  italian , Global day of potbanging protest on October 13 A year ago, the world was surprised by the rapid spread of square occupations calling for #GlobalChange. This Saturday we will take the streets again, also on the balconies, cars, et… Continue reading

Introducing MEGAVOICE15M

Dear comrades, we are glad to have the opportunity to reach out and offer the following strtegy: Project Name: MEGAVOICE15M Moto project: If the police-troika won’t listen … They will have to hear us loud and clear. Introduction: Every body… Continue reading

2 October #globalNOISE News

 Hi folks / compas! next we present you the last updates on #GlobalNOISE #13o Some of the recent additions to join #globalNOISE on #O13 are: BRASIL Belo Horizonte UK – Edinburgh CANADA Calgary GERMANY Kassel Saarbrücken Frankfurt ( https://www.facebo… Continue reading