Get Involved

Get Involved with Occupy!

Curious what Occupy is all about? Interested in getting involved with a project or local group? Already part of the movement but want to get more active? Here are some suggestions on how to get start getting your feet wet or dive in more deeply!

Step 1: LEARN!

Stay informed with the insider information on what is going on with the movement! You can’t rely on the main stream media to provide your information BUT YOU CAN get insider information on everything Occupy by checking these two sites regularly! is aggregating information that is of movement-wide relevance.

InterOccupy Newswire is aggregating information about local, regional, national, global, and project based organizing.

You should also subscribe to the InterOccupy Newsletter for a weekly digest of happenings from across the movement.

Step 2: CONNECT!

Once you are up to date, and know what elements of the movement inspire YOU, then connect with others who care about the things you do. Occupy is primarily about connecting locally, and we can help you do that. InterOccupy has been created and maintained by a collaborative effort of individuals working at local occupations, so if you need to find people in a local area, we can help you Connect to a Local Occupation. You can also use the Occupy Directory to find general information about local occupations.

You can also connect with people in the InterOccupy Hubs. The Hubs are where broad scale organizing is happening for the movement. Browse the Hubs, and connect with the people working on the issues you care about.

Also, check out the InterOccupy Movement Calendar to see what events are coming up. Get on a conference call and work with others to build the world you want to live in!


Once you have connected with others, don’t be shy! Every voice in this movement matters, and we want to hear yours. We need people that will step up and take action toward building a world they believe in. If you don’t see anyone organizing about what you care about, and you have a team that you are already working with, then you can Start a Hub yourself. Or, if you want to find others to work with on your project, then Request a Call and we will announce it in our newsletter.

And of course, you should visit your local occupation and keep engaging with the community you are a part of. Here is a list of Occupy Together meetups that you can join.