After the board meeting, balloons with messages of support were lifted up to The Peter Cooper suite.
Photo by Lina McGinn

From The Students for a Free Cooper Union:

Students for a Free Cooper Union
Wednesday, December 5rd, 2012

We, The Students for a Free Cooper Union—having received innumerable solidarity documents from Cooper Union faculty, the School of Art student council, the School of Architecture student council, The New School, and individuals from around the world; and a public signing of such a document—renounce President Bharucha, his administration, and their authority. Jamshed Bharucha and The Board of Trustees no longer represent The Cooper Union and its community. The Cooper Union students have removed Bharucha’s portrait from the boardroom walls and replaced it with a portrait of Peter Cooper.

We support the larger community that has come together on the ground as they continue to take back the discussion on higher education. From The Peter Cooper Suite in the Foundation Building clock tower, we have seen performances, lectures, free classes, and the public display of the principles we promote—all in solidarity. Students have asserted their presence in today’s board meeting where they have previously been barred, taking transparency into their own hands. The students have independently enacted our demands, recording and publishing board minutes and livestreaming video of the meeting.

The Students for a Free Cooper Union, as well as the larger Cooper Union community, have made a call for written documents of solidarity, declaring support for The Students for a Free Cooper Union, for transparency and integrity, and for free education. Please send all documents to

At 3:00 PM today, Wednesday, December 5, 2012, student actions will surround Cooper Union, including a play about the Board of Trustees, a Transparency Parade, and a performance by The Students for a Free Cooper Union projected on the Peter Cooper monument. Join us as we proclaim, “We are not a loan!”

Both the public board meeting minutes and the livestream can be found on the Free Cooper Union website at

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