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Notable Quotes

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has ranked Indian Point ‘in terms of potential human consequences as the No. 1 site in the nation.”
— Robert Stephan, Homeland Security’s Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection reported in the Journal News, March 23, 2006
Indian Point is“one of the most inappropriate sites in existence” for a nuclear plant.
–Robert Ryan, Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff member in 1979

Here are some links to groups with information on nuclear energy and/or closing Indian Point specifically. We also recommend checking out Stop the Algonquin Pipe Expansion (http://sape2016.org), as that pipeline would run within approximately 100′ of the 2 working reactors—which already sit on two fault lines.

http://www.stonypointcenter.org (The Stony Point Convergence, which meets at the conference center, is a monthly meeting of individuals and group representatives working on closing the Indian Point nuclear reactors; we have a working meeting, sometimes with expert speaker[s] and pot-luck on the first Sunday of each month. Please join us if you are in the area.)
How to help close Indian Point: Ask your municipal government to pass the Resolution for Public  Health and Safety Regarding INDIAN POINT NUCLEAR POWER PLANT.
Click here to download the Health & Safety Resolution.
1) Print the resolution and give copies to your Town Board members and County Legislator.
2) Ask that it be put on the agenda as soon as possible.
3) Join our ListServ (about 2 messages a week) INDIAN POINT NEWS
Relicensing news – Ongoing leaks – Emergency Issues – Sirens- more!

Please consider signing these two petitions:


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