The Issue

Indian Point’s 2 working nuclear reactors (and one long-since closed) sit on the Hudson River in Buchanan, New York, approximately 45 miles from Manhattan (20 million people live within 50 miles of Indian Point—that is the distance around Fukushima from which the Department of State recommended that USAmericans evacuate).
Indian Point’s location is at the intersection of 2 fault lines, one known when the plant was built, the other discovered years later. Now there is discussion of running the Algonquin Pipe Line within 150 feet of the 2 nuclear reactors. It is hard to picture a better recipe for disaster.

The Stony Point Convergence meets monthly on the first Sunday at the Stony Point Conference Center in Stony Point, New York, to work on closing this dangerous, inefficient, aging facility. Spearheading the work is the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC), which was formed in 2001 to address the vulnerability of the reactors.