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Worldcue(R) Alert
Warning Alert — Security

Occupy Wall Street to rally in New York City, NY, US Sept. 15-17. Occupy actions possible in other US cities. Avoid all protests. Business disruptions possible.

The locations affected by this alert are Illinois – Chicago, California – Los Angeles, District of Columbia – Washington, DC, Massachusetts – Boston, New York – New York City, Pennsylvania – Philadelphia,

California – San Francisco, Washington – Seattle, California – Oakland, Oregon – Portland

This alert began 06 Sep 2012 02:49 GMT and is scheduled to expire 18 Sep 2012 12:00 GMT.

– Event: Occupy protests, rallies, marches
– Dates: Sept. 15-17
– Location: Primarily New York City, NY; Other major US cities
– Impact: Localized traffic and business disruptions, possible clashes with police


Members of the anti-corporate group Occupy Wall Street (OWS) plan to hold rallies and protests in New York City, NY Sept. 15-17. OWS is holding these demonstrations to mark the one-year anniversary of the Occupy movement. Organizers are calling for peaceful actions, but Occupy protesters have clashed with police in the past and could do so again. Demonstration locations include, but are not limited to, the following locations:

– Washington Square Park (5th Avenue and Waverly Place): OWS members will gather at the park from 1030-2100 Sept. 15 for inaugural assemblies.

– Pipeline Construction Site (Gansevoort Street and Hudson River Greenway): Demonstrators will gather here to begin a march at 1000 Sept. 16. The march, which does not have a designated route, will end at Foley Square in Thomas Paine Park at approximately 1300.

– Thomas Paine Park (Worth Street and Centre Street): OWS will hold rallies here from 1200-1930 Sept. 16 and 1200-1700 Sept. 17.

– New York Stock Exchange (11 Wall Street): Protesters will attempt to block traffic near and hold a sit-in outside the New York Stock Exchange starting at 0700 Sept. 17. Some activists plan on harassing financial industry employees.

– Financial District: OWS demonstrators will engage in roving intersection blockades starting at 0700 Sept. 17.

– Bowling Green (Broadway and Whitehall Street): Environmental-themed protests will occur here starting at 1000 Sept. 17.

– Vietnam Veterans Plaza (55 Water Street): There will be an OWS assembly here from 1800-2200 Sept. 17.

In addition to protesting in New York City, OWS is encouraging Occupy movements in other cities to demonstrate outside of government buildings and corporate offices. On Sept. 17, expect Occupy movements or affiliate organizations in other US cities to carry out impromptu protests aimed at political and commercial institutions.


Avoid all demonstrations. Allow additional time for travel. If possible, dress more casually rather than wearing traditional business attire, so as not to attract attention from protesters.


Occupy Wall Street Sept. 17 Site: s17nyc.org

Related Advice: Tips for reducing your vulnerability in the event of civil unrest. –https://worldcue.ijet.com/tic/DisplayIoContent.public?ioId=31212

Resilience against the impact of global threats will depend on how prepared you are and how fast you can respond. Licensed users can visit Worldcue(R) Global Control Center at https://gcc.worldcue.com/ to immediately assess the impact of this Alert on your people, facilities and supply chain.

The information in this document is provided by iJET Intelligent Risk Systems. While iJET constantly monitors the changing world situation and strives for accuracy and timeliness, this information is provided to you on an “as is” basis, and your use of this information is at your own risk.

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