WHYY’s Radio Times Decarcerate PA Podcast

There was a great debate on August 1, 2012 on WHYY’s ‘Radio Times’ – an NPR affiliate in Philadelphia – between PA Corrections Secretary and self-described prison reformer Tom Wetzel and Sarah Morris from Decarcerate PA, a growing coalition of abolitionists and community groups working to end prison construction in PA and shift harmful carceral investment toward infrastructure that supports community well-being.

The debate is roughly 50 minutes long, and can be found here:

While some of the discussion is PA-focused, it may be instructive on the policy/messaging front and highlights the cynicism and defensiveness of incarceration advocates in the face of concrete analysis and well-considered proposals grounded in an abolitionist imagination. If you can find time to listen to this under the radar at work, or you have a free moment at home, check this out.

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