What?s up with the #MillionMaskMarch?

What?s up with the #MillionMaskMarch?

Details about the Million Mask March are getting ugly. The original idea was hatched months ago by John Fairhurst and slowly gained steam. Since then, an infiltrator, Christine Ann Sands (@wikipoet and @polymathpoet), bought a series of domain names affiliated with MMM (including millionmaskmarch.org) and claims to have obtained a permit for the protest in DC. She also bought a bus she calls the Anonomobile and has been going to press as the ?voice of Anonymous.? Christine is telling people that they are allowed to wear masks at the DC protest, but this is technically a violation of DC code. ?She is also raising money for her campaigns through PayPal, but any Anon knows that this is a trap. Enough #lulz? We got more.

Christine ?Nevada? Sands at Occupy LA

It was discovered that Christine Sands is a known informant on Ocuppy Los Angeles who used to go by the name Nevada. She was ousted as working for US Bank and disappeared when called occupiers called out her associations. Nevada was a major disruptor of the OLA general assembly, often being removed by people in the crowd. She spent her days in OLA trolling people she thought were ?leaders? and impersonating the press in order to collect information. She resurfaced in June as Christine Sands on the East Coast in a well-financed takeover of the MMM. There are many doxs on her: http://pastebin.com/hUbcknAN and http://pastebin.com/2AhGYTwT and http://pastebin.com/wP5ZrhWZ.

Some questions do remain: many want to know where the Anonomobile came from? Who financed it? But, most importantly, what technology is on it and is it tracking us?

Some advice:
-Do not go to any of Christine?s domains for MMM because they main contain trackers.
-If you see the Anonomobile, stay away.
-If you see Christine, stay away.
-Never donate to any Paypal account that claims to be associated with Anonymous or Wikileaks.

Here is some credible information about MMM:
The official website with local events: http://millionmaskmarch.wordpress.com/
The official FB event invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/505027169551591/
The official MMM Twitter acct: https://twitter.com/MillionMaskMarc


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