What is really going on in Egypt

a message from Egypt:


You’re getting this email because you’re either a friend, a close colleague or someone important to us. If you’re following what’s happening these days in Egypt, you deserve to know the truth since you have friends in the field.

During the past days, drastic changes happened in Egypt.  Egyptians were fed-up with Muslim Brothers’ president and government after a long year of suffering. More than 22 Million Egyptians signed the famous Rebel petition for early presidential elections, these signatures has been validated through the National ID number.

On June the 30th, millions of Egyptians rushed to the streets everywhere in Egypt asking President Morsy to step down as he failed to provide the Egyptians least basic needs. Instead of achieving what Egyptians called for in January 25th revolution “Bread, Freedom, Social Justice and human dignity”. President Morsy and Muslim Brothers invested the past year in taking control all over the country. They implanted their men everywhere and took leadership in all aspects despite the fact that they were so much unqualified.

The result for their efforts was a dramatic failure of the economy, security, political relations, and standard of living. In short, Egypt was falling down and the national security had much more threats than it can take. Thus, it was the decision for people to say ENOUGH for such regime who turned to have its own agenda and doesn’t care abou33t Egyptians’ future.

Morsy broke his oath to go by the Constitution by issuing a constitutional declaration that made all decisions in his hand and nobody and no institute have the right to oppose his decisions.  This alone was a good reason for an impeachment.   Through this declaration, he got himself rights that no other president in Egypt or any other respected country had.

The MB regime and his followers has been threatening media personnel and besieging the media city and the Supreme constitutional court. Morsy incited civil war in the street in his last speech while people were looking for a way out of the standoff.  Morsy ordered the release of all the criminals who were charged of killing and allowed the establishment of parties based on religion. He allowed the transmission of the so called religious TV channels which constantly promoted and encouraged and incited sedition in the country thus attempting to drive a wedge between Muslims and Christians and encouraged storming churches.

Liberal member of the Shoura Counsel (equivalent to congress) were forced in and terrorized to accept post.  When accepted, they were hardly given any chance to talk, when they opposed saying that all decisions are made in favor of MB, their lives were threatened.

When the regime started to feel people’s anger, the devil showed its face. Although they call themselves “Muslims”, what they started to do contradicts with the basic rule of Islam. They started to threaten peaceful protestors, killing some of them, warn about taking Sinai and a civil war and tell Egyptians through their supporters that explosions will be everywhere.

Egyptians sought the army protection. Many demonstrations took place urging the military forces to interfere and save the country. The army didn’t want to interfere in the political life anymore, despite of all the calls from the Egyptians. At the same time, the threats continued from the Muslim Brothers and their supporters that no ruler for this country except them and they would assume power forever.  President Morsy unfortunately was nothing but the Muslim Brothers’ representative in the presidential palace.

June 30th was the day the Egyptians chose to end this regime and force the army to interfere “A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live” Martin Luther King, Jr.  In as historic day, 33 million people rushed and stayed in the streets for 3 days to force the military forces to help getting rid of this president and his terrorist group. And finally, the army responded to us and supported our demands. They gave President Morsy his last chance to work things out and find solutions to the tensed situation with no avail. The army declared an end to the regime and gave the Constitutional court chief the power as a temporary president to run the country during the transition period. Now, Egypt is looking forward to achieve our revolution goals.

We thought of sending you this email because we were shocked to see the media in US and many Europe countries calling what happened as a MILITARY COUP. This was not a coup by all means, it was people’s demand to get rid of all terrorists who seized control of our country and who knows what would happened if they stayed longer. And as Martin Luther King said, “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it”.

Yes, President Morsy was elected by Egyptians. But please keep in mind also that Hitler was an elected president as well. An early impeachment like ours would have saved the world – we believe that by uniting, and asking our army to support us, we save the world out of terrorism. We saw killers of Sadat and Farag Fouda leaders on stages, their women and men threatening to kill and explode regular Muslims and Christians. President Morsi himself stood on a stage and said that those are my people and my tribe. He saw his people regarding Osama bin Laden as their God Father and never said a word about it.  He gave the impression that he approved, it was a tool he used to scare any non-MB Egyptian.

It is understandable that the western governments would not wish to support “Military Intervention” to remove the elected president before his term is up. In principle, that is right and we agree with it, but only when other mechanisms exist to force a failing government from the office. But to expect the people of Egypt to have suffered 3 more years for the sake of “legitimacy” is rather like being a Pharisee who would let his neighbor’s donkey perish in a hole rather than break the Sabbath.

I apologize for the long email, but we feel that our duty to clarify what’s really happening so you have the full picture. Please feel free to share this email with whoever you think is interested to know the truth.

God bless

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