Victim of fraud and identity theft.

When a fraud investigator from ING Pension Mutual fund spoke these words to me, I felt dumbfounded. I don?t like to think of myself as a victim. Although I?ve endured setbacks and even tragedies in my life, just as you probably have, I?ve always been able to survive and grow in the process. But not until I became a victim of identity theft ? when someone impersonates you to commit various types of financial fraud (or worse yet, if they commit crimes in your name) did I know how devastated, overwhelmed, and really frightened I could be. It was a nightmare. But I guess, as the detective suggested, I was a very good example of what to do when very bad things happen. A lot of very bad things did happen and have emerged from my ordeal and I hope it assists in getting the help I need!

I learned back in August 2009, when this happened to me, I was a victim of identity-theft and fraud. Though I met some helpful, sympathetic folks whom I?ll tell you about, I generally found a lack of hard information about what to do and how exactly to do it. Worse yet, I ran into a brick wall in the form of major banks and government bureaucracies. It took tremendous effort for me to overcome these obstacles and to assert my legal and financial rights. I had to prove my innocence. Today, these same challenges still exist for me of this crime what?s more; I had no clue what to do about it. Suddenly, I feel like a victim. My life seemed out of control; my carefully woven rug of financial security had been pulled out from under me. It?s not too strong to say I have been violated ?financially raped.? Somewhere out there I had an ?evil twin? who had cloned me! Although most victims don?t get much help from police (because there are too many cases and they are labor-intensive to investigate.

I spent hours on the Internet, researching identity fraud. I tried to find out what steps I should take and who could help me to regain my financial stability and my identity. At that time, there was little help for victims. I dealt with crime investigators, various credit grantors, my own banks, government agencies, and even my auto insurance company. During that hectic first month, and off and on for months afterwards, I have been unable to sleep, however with tenacity I hope to regain my identity.
After myriad hours of research, hundreds of frustrating phone conversations, and writing letters until my fingers ached and my mind reeled, my emotional toll is staggering. Ideally, victims shouldn?t be burdened with this task but that?s the way it is. Beginning January 2008, I had been terrorized and intimidated by Gail Merry Farmer, and her husband Jody Farmer. Gail abusing me by yelling screaming and, demanding that I do everything she wanted me to do otherwise she would hurt me and, with Jody coming by every day, as an intimidating force, scared me into satisfying their every wish.

Due to my illness recovering from knee surgery, I was prescribed oxycodone and other pain medications, which had me in a very fragile state. Gail systematically stole my identity and with my medical condition, she was able to gain access to all my account information as well as my pension funds(ING Pension Mutual Funds) which were deposited into Chase Bank and, transferred funds into Bank of America. In a year?s time she went into my accounts and fraudulently whipped them out.
Time of discovery that there was something going on with respect to my bank accounts was in August of 2009 when an incident report was made with the New Paltz Police department Jack Zand an attorney in New Paltz had several meetings with Detective Scott Butler in August of 2009. Unfortunately Attorney Jack Zand did not file suite with the banks nor did he do an investigation on my behalf to find out about what happened to my monies.

I had discovered in October of 2011 when I received my statement from ING Pension mutual that my funds were all gone. I was not aware of my funds being wiped out due to a Postal Box that was opened which all of my mail went to this is why I was not aware of what happened to my monies from my bank accounts or my Pension funds.
Attorney Zand had been with me for over 30 years and, I have no receipts of monies that were paid to him. Zand did not do his job in proper investigation this is negligence on his part. All check registries and cancelled checks are with the ADA Joshua Povill whom is doing the investigation on my behalf. I would like justice and, I would like the banks that have done wrong doing with not notifying me that there were unusual activities going on that the banks return all of my monies back to me.

I am an elderly person emotionally unhinged as well as having a total of $800,000 thousand dollars robbed from me. Every time I am asked about what has happened to me I feel victimized over and over again. Saturday March 30th, 2013 I had a meeting with detective Lucasy and, officer Judge they have a concern with respect to the fact that the ADA Joshua Povill has not gotten back to them with respect to my case and, they have reached out to the Attorney General?s Office to see if there could be some assistance from their office.

Yours truly,
Nancy Stanich

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