Unity Call (Sunday, 9/28, 10/12): Voice to the Voiceless Solidarity Declaration, 2014–CAMPAIGN CALL!

Hi! Many of us are interested in major changes in our culture and the current corrupt regime has failed us. We can either passively disengage ourselves from the money-based 1% political system, try to co-opt it, or actively oppose it. Please read the following declaration, Occupy-written (Occupy Los Angeles working group, 2011) and updated (Occupy National Gathering, 2014), and sign if you agree (due to Big Brother surveillance/oppression, and the inability to verify signatures, pseudonyms are encouraged!) and get on the call :


The V2V Declaration working group is re-forming and considering upcoming elections actions, such as guerilla-theatre action, an independent referendum-style poll (or “”M-Occu-Lections””) on the issues and the formation of an outside-the-box unity party, Occupy TV/Radio/podcast presentations and house parties, as various means to make the voices of third parties loud and clear this coming election–to create real regime change.

If you are interested in helping, please subscribe to the Voice to the Voiceless list-serve:


and/or join our InterOccupy call on Sunday, Sept 28th 9pm (EST–be sure to note that registration info has changed) and the following alternative Sundays (9pm EST).


FB: Solidarity Declaration Voice-Voiceless. Twitter: ODeclaration. Please share all of our links on social media–we need your social media help!!!!

You can also print it out, get your friends to sign and let us know the results on our calls. The 1% didn’t want us to put this declaration out? Let’s spread it everywhere!!! Love, peace and blessings to all!”

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V2V Solidarity Declaration Working Group

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