Turkish Nights

Gezi Park right now. Via @fawkxy

Gezi Park right now. Via @fawkxy

June 4, 2307 hrs CET

Dear people,

It has been a day of grief and rage and celebration. And once again it has been an evening of heavy clashes. In Dersim, Antakya, Adana, and around Istanbul as we speak. In Ankara masses of people have taken the Tuzlucayir square, where thousands remain on guard around camp fires. Students and unions are joining the protest side by side. Tomorrow will be another day of strike. At the moment, Gezi park is so completely occupied that you can’t even get in.

Gezi Librari. Via @derengeziparki

Gezi Library. Via @derengeziparki

This afternoon, the man who was killed by police in Antakya yesterday, Abdullah Cömert, was laid to rest. His funeral was accompanied by crowds filling the city’s streets and shouting “Erdogan! Murderer!” As the clashes continue into the night, and police intensify their attacks, we get reports that entire neighbourhoods join in to defend the barricades. “Local citizens give their chairs, tables, whatever that can help strengthen the barrier.”

But today, the fifth day of the revolt, was also about beauty, and hope, as well. To symbolize this, the Gezi Library was founded at the park. There is laughter, there are tears, there is blood, there is firework as well. And there is rhythm. The people make music and chant. They are drunk with freedom. From somewhere in this great maelstrom an anonymous voice sent out a message that made its way around the world


Message from Istanbul

We are awake my friends and family
We die, we get tired, we get injured, we faint, we get traumatized
We witness brutality we haven’t experienced before
Yet we are rising
And growing
Again and again and again

Our love, care and support for each other only gets stronger
Our light gets only bigger
We become more resilient
We learn how strong we can be when we are together

We are more powerful, more human, smarter, more beautiful, more brave, more creative, more resourceful, more self-sufficient, more all together
More free
More connected than the conscienceless government
Their media, and police, and whoever is silent and overpass their crime

We have never felt so alive!
We have never felt more in solidarity!

We don’t accept their authority and we disobey their rules
They can’t keep us silent!
They can’t kill our love and our spirit!
They can’t kill freedom!

Grateful to all who are with us in person and in spirit
Thank you to all to those who are praying for us, who are doing something from afar

And hella yeah Anonymous! WE LOVE YOU!

In solidarity from Istanbul


A couple of must see videos.

One: the pan bashing and light flashing in the early morning of June 1, when the protest became revolt.

Two: an overview of the first week of resistance.

Taksim at  nine in the evening. Via @Fawkzy

Taksim at nine in the evening. Via @Fawkzy


Crowd in Antakya before funeral. Via Facebook.

Crowd in Antakya before funeral. Via Facebook.


Military police in Ankara

Military police in Ankara. Via @erdimutlu


A symbol of the the revolution: CNN's penguins. Via @15MBCN_int

A symbol of the revolution: CNN’s penguins. Via @15MBCN_int




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