Trans-Pacific Partnership October 19 ? PROTEST


This summer and early fall, fair trade activists and allies worked hard to raise awareness of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which has been blacked out of the media. They held visibility actions and teach-ins across the country. Tens of thousands of educational TPP occucards were distributed. The work has paid off. There is more discussion of the TPP and more articles are appearing about it. And the increased visibility and pressure has emboldened TPP opponents in other countries to protest. ?Here in the US, the process has slowed and members of Congress from both the Democratic and Republican Parties are taking a stance against the TPP and Fast Track approval.

Our goal now is to prevent congress from voting for Fast Track. Fast Track, also called Trade Promotion Authority, would allow the President to sign the TPP and then send it to Congress for a rapid up or down vote without the ability to make changes. This would subvert a democratic and transparent process. It would allow the TPP to be rammed through without evaluation of the impact it will have on protection of consumers, workers and the planet.

Protesters will gather in downtown Naperville at 10AM, Staging and meeting area is in front part of the Free Speech Pavillion, corner of Jackson Ave. and Webster St., across from the Naperville Library to show Anti-TPP messages through signs and Chants. ?At 11AM, Occupiers will hold their General Assembly in the Pavilion or amphitheater. All are welcome.

Please do not forget those less fortunate ? bring a canned or non-perishable food item for weekly Loaves & Fishes donation drive. Donations will be collected at the beginning of the GAs. Also collecting gloves, hats, coats, and other clothing items. Occupy Naperville donates a percentage of all cash donations to DuPage Pads, a local organization that has provided hope for the homeless through a range of service offerings, including emergency shelter, food, and job skills training and continues to be a fixture in the community after almost 25 years, Occupy Naperville is proud to stand with Pads in defense of the victims of economic injustice.

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